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"""Implements LighttpdInfo Class for gathering stats from Lighttpd Web Server.
The statistics are obtained by connecting to and querying the server-status
page of local and/or remote Lighttpd Web Servers.
import re
import util
__author__ = "Ali Onur Uyar"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2011, Ali Onur Uyar"
__credits__ = []
__license__ = "GPL"
__version__ = "0.9.12"
__maintainer__ = "Ali Onur Uyar"
__email__ = "aouyar at"
__status__ = "Development"
defaultHTTPport = 80
defaultHTTPSport = 443
class LighttpdInfo:
"""Class to retrieve stats for Lighttpd Web Server."""
def __init__(self, host=None, port=None, user=None, password=None,
statuspath = None, ssl=False, autoInit=True):
"""Initialize Lighttpd server-status URL access.
@param host: Lighttpd Web Server Host. (Default:
@param port: Lighttpd Web Server Port. (Default: 80, SSL: 443)
@param user: Username. (Not needed unless authentication is required
to access server-status page.
@param password: Password. (Not needed unless authentication is required
to access server-status page.
@statuspath: Path of status page. (Default: server-status)
@param ssl: Use SSL if True. (Default: False)
@param autoInit: If True connect to Lighttpd Web Server on instantiation.
if host is not None:
self._host = host
self._host = ''
if port is not None:
self._port = int(port)
if ssl:
self._port = defaultHTTPSport
self._port = defaultHTTPport
self._user = user
self._password = password
if statuspath is not None:
self._statuspath = statuspath
self._statuspath = 'server-status'
if ssl:
self._proto = 'https'
self._proto = 'http'
self._statusDict = None
if autoInit:
def initStats(self):
"""Query and parse Lighttpd Web Server Status Page."""
url = "%s://%s:%d/%s?auto" % (self._proto, self._host, self._port,
response = util.get_url(url, self._user, self._password)
self._statusDict = {}
for line in response.splitlines():
mobj = re.match('(\S.*\S)\s*:\s*(\S+)\s*$', line)
if mobj:
self._statusDict[] = util.parse_value(
if self._statusDict.has_key('Scoreboard'):
self._statusDict['MaxServers'] = len(self._statusDict['Scoreboard'])
def getServerStats(self):
"""Return Stats for Lighttpd Web Server.
@return: Dictionary of server stats.
return self._statusDict;
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