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Uncommited old fix (fixes Tianu's downgrade problem)

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commit 48d2b3ec588973eaeca2614d3e426505ffd3abc2 1 parent c7e16bc
@amenonsen amenonsen authored
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 schema/downgrades
6 schema/downgrades
@@ -114,13 +114,15 @@ begin
create table threads (
id serial primary key,
mailbox integer not null references mailboxes(id),
- subject text unique
+ subject text,
+ unique (mailbox, subject)
create table thread_members (
thread integer not null references threads(id),
mailbox integer not null,
uid integer not null,
- foreign key (mailbox,uid) references messages(mailbox,uid)
+ primary key (thread, mailbox, uid),
+ foreign key (mailbox, uid) references mailbox_messages(mailbox, uid)
on delete cascade
return 0;
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