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set nocompatible
scriptencoding utf-8
" editor behaviour
set autoindent " can't live without it
set copyindent " stick to the file's existing indentation format for new indented lines
set tabstop=4 " tabs displayed at 4 columns
set softtabstop=4 " tab key shifts by 4 columns
set shiftwidth=4 " indentation at 4 columns
set shiftround " always in-/outdent to next tabstop
set backspace=2 " allow backspacing over indent,eol,start
set nojoinspaces " don't treat [.?!] specially when joining lines.
set nrformats-=octal " the heuristic for octals is too broad
set nostartofline " don't jump to start of line on paging motions
set spelllang=el,de,en_gb
set autowrite " auto-save prior to :! :make and others
set hidden " don't throw away changes when :edit'ing another file
set noswapfile " don't litter
set nobackup " don't litter
set nowritebackup " really, don't litter
set confirm " ask interactively instead of requiring a ! on commands
set history=10000 " 50x the default
set undolevels=5000 " 5x the default
set shortmess+=Is " supress intro message and search wrap-around message
set shortmess+=mr " shorten flags [Modified] and [readonly]
set shortmess-=tT " don't truncate file messages
set viminfo='1000,h " remove limits on register content size, keep marks for 10x as many files
set viminfo+=f0 " forget user marks in order to forget the jumplist (docs say '0 does that but nope)
set viminfo+=n~/.vim/.info " don't litter in $HOME
" Make vim work with the 'crontab -e' command
set backupskip+=/var/spool/cron/*
set formatoptions+=l1
"set formatoptions+=n formatlistpat="^\s*\(\d\+[\]:.)}\t ]\|[*-]\)\s*" " recognize numbered and bulleted lists when formatting
if has( 'multi_byte' )
set encoding=utf-8 " use UTF-8 internally
set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,cp1252 " assume files are UTF-8; if that fails, use Latin1
if has( 'digraphs' )
digraphs *. 183 " centered dot
digraphs ** 8226 " bullet
digraphs ?! 8253 " interrobang
digraphs !? 8253 " interrobang
digraphs <3 9829 " black heart suit
digraphs :( 9785 " white frowning face
digraphs :) 9786 " white smiling face
if has( 'wildmenu' )
set wildmenu
set wildmode=longest:full,list:full
set wildignore+=*.a,*.o
set wildignore+=*.bmp,*.gif,*.ico,*.jpg,*.png
set wildignore+=.git,.hg,.svn
set wildignore+=*~,*.swp,*.tmp
" basic display setup
if has( 'syntax' ) | syntax enable | endif
if has( 'gui_running' )
let colors_name='' " keep stock gvimrc from loading a colorscheme
set background=dark
colorscheme PaperColor
hi Normal ctermbg=NONE
set linebreak " word wrap mode
silent! set breakindent " visually indent continuation lines to match the wrapped line
set nowrap " but actually disable wrapping (in most filetypes)
set list " ensure we don't mess up the tabbing
set listchars=tab:›· " and make that look nice
set listchars+=trail: " also ensure we don't miss trailing whitespace
set listchars+=nbsp:— " make literal non-break spaces visible
set incsearch " incremental search is convenient
set hlsearch " ... and search highlighting helpful
set ruler " show cursor Y,X in status line
set number " show line numbers
set showcmd " show (partial) command in status line
set report=1 " threshold for reporting how many lines were affected by a :cmd
set scrolloff=4 " scroll file when cursor gets this close to edge of window
set sidescrolloff=2 " ... or to other edge of window
set winminheight=0 " don't try to keep windows visible
set laststatus=2 " always show status line
set title " show filename in window title
set mouse=a " be mouse-aware, in all modes
set nomousehide " hidden pointer = disorienting
set lazyredraw " speed up macros
set visualbell t_vb= " shut up
if has( 'autocmd' )
filetype plugin indent on
autocmd filetypedetect BufRead,BufNewFile bash-fc-* call SetFileTypeSH('bash')
" ... and now the filetypedetect augroup is filled, so this will go last:
autocmd filetypedetect BufNewFile,BufRead,StdinReadPost * setfiletype unknown
" ... which makes this reliable:
exe 'autocmd FileType text,mail,markdown,xml,xhtml,html,unknown setlocal wrap'
\ exists( '&breakindent' ) ? '' : 'nolist'
" setting &list breaks &linebreak in Vims that do not have &breakindent
" set up bookmarks menu
if has( 'menu' ) | exe 'anoremenu 100.9999 Book&marks.&Settings :e' expand( '<sfile>' ) . '<CR>' | endif
" when switching buffers, preserve window view
autocmd BufWinLeave * if !&diff | let b:winview = winsaveview() | endif
autocmd BufWinEnter * if !&diff | call winrestview(get(b:,'winview',{})) | unlet! b:winview | endif
" not needed there
autocmd CmdwinEnter * set nonumber
" mappings
"" this keeps coming up and seems attractive
"" but getting used to it would make stock Vim incredibly annoying to use
"nnoremap ; :
"nnoremap : ;
" Esc for quickly clearing the search highlight
nnoremap <silent> <Esc><Esc> :nohlsearch<CR>
" run external commands really easily
nnoremap ! :!
" make n/N always mean forward/backward search
" regardless of whether it was done with / or ?
nmap <silent> n /<CR>
nmap <silent> N ?<CR>
" don't jump immediately when using * (but do if it’s the same word again)
nnoremap <silent> * :let b:starjump = @/<CR>*:exe @/ == remove(b:,'starjump') ? '' : "norm! \<C-O>"<CR>
" open file in the current buffer’s directory
nnoremap <Leader>e :e <C-R>=substitute(expand('%:h').'/','^\.\?/$','','')<CR>
" I never want to use Ex mode. Map this to something useful?
" But baking it into muscle memory would be counterproductive
" whenever I need to use a stock Vim
nnoremap Q <Nop>
" automatically break undo cycle at certain keys --
" better granularity for undoing insert mode work
inoremap <C-W> <C-G>u<C-W>
" get spelling suggestions in a completion menu, easily
nnoremap <Leader>s a<C-X><C-S>
" option-/ on Mac US layout
noremap <expr> ÷ ''[setbufvar('%', '&keymap', len(&keymap) ? '' : 'greek_utf-8')]
noremap! <expr> ÷ ''[setbufvar('%', '&keymap', len(&keymap) ? '' : 'greek_utf-8')]
" press Ctrl-R twice to insert the value of the VimL expr currently yanked
inoremap <expr> <C-R><C-R> eval(matchstr(@", '.*[^\n]'))
" fill in closing tags automatically
autocmd FileType * if len(&omnifunc) | exe 'inoremap <buffer> <expr> / getline(".")[col(".")-2] == "<" ? "/\<C-X>\<C-O>" : "/"' | endif
" commands
command! R enew | setlocal buftype=nofile bufhidden=hide noswapfile
command! FindMarker /\([<=>|]\)\1\{6}/
command! -range DecodeURI <line1>,<line2>s/%\([0-9A-F]\{2}\)/\=nr2char('0x'.submatch(1))/g
command! -range TidyHTML <line1>,<line2>!tidyp -q -utf8 -config ~/.tidy.conf.unintrusive
function s:ClearUndo()
let saved = [&undolevels, &modified]
set undolevels=-1
call setline('.', getline('.'))
let [&undolevels, &modified] = saved
command! ClearUndo call s:ClearUndo()
command! SynDebug echo map(synstack(line('.'), col('.')), 'synIDattr(v:val, "name")')
if has( 'autocmd' )
command! -nargs=+ Man delcommand Man | runtime ftplugin/man.vim | Man <args>
" plugin settings
" :help matchit
runtime macros/matchit.vim
" :help ft-perl-syntax
let g:perl_include_pod = 1 " include POD syntax highlighting
" :help ft-sh-syntax
let g:is_posix = 1 " assume POSIX by default, not original Bourne shell
" plugin loading setup
" (must be done before Vim starts its scan for plugins)
call runtimepath#setup() " add plugin bundles to &runtimepath
call stockless#setup() " suppress the stock Vim plugins