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*buftabline.txt* Use the tabline to render buffer tabs
BUFTABLINE by Aristotle Pagaltzis
0. Contents *buftabline*
1. Intro ....................................... |buftabline-intro|
2. Configuration settings ...................... |buftabline-config|
3. Mappings .................................... |buftabline-mappings|
4. Tab coloring and colorscheme support ........ |buftabline-colors|
5. Source ...................................... |buftabline-source|
1. Intro *buftabline-intro*
This plugin takes over the 'tabline' and renders the buffer list in it instead
of a tab list. It is designed with the ideal that it should Just Work: drop it
into your setup and you're done. There is only minimal configurable behavior.
2. Configuration settings *buftabline-config*
Changes to any of the plugin's configuration settings at runtime will not take
effect immediately unless you force an update: >
:call buftabline#update(0)
*g:buftabline_show* number (default 2)
The value of this option specifies when the line with buffer labels will
be displayed:
0: never
1: only if there are at least two buffers
2: always
This is analogous to the 'showtabline' setting, only for the |buftabline|.
*g:buftabline_numbers* number (default 0)
The value of this option specifies how to number the buffer labels:
0: no numbering
1: buffer number
2: ordinal number
The buffer number corresponds to Vim's internal buffer number as shown by
the |:ls| command, whereas the ordinal number is a simple sequential count
from left to right.
*g:buftabline_indicators* boolean (default off)
When on, the buffer's state is indicated in the buffer label. Currently
the only state indicated is whether the buffer is 'modified'.
*g:buftabline_separators* boolean (default off)
When on, a vertical line is drawn inbetween tabs. (This is not strictly
correct. The effect is actually achieved by replacing the space on the
left side of each tab with U+23B8 LEFT VERTICAL BOX LINE. Therefore the
separator will be highlighted the same way as the tab to its left.)
*g:buftabline_plug_max* number (default 10)
The number of |buftabline-mappings| that will be created by the plugin.
You can request more of them or turn off the functionality entirely by
setting this to 0. Note it only has an effect before loading the plugin,
not if you change it later.
3. Mappings *buftabline-mappings*
To switch buffers by their ordinal number (|g:buftabline_numbers| = 2) you can
map keys to the |<Plug>| mappings provided by this plugin: >
nmap <leader>1 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(1)
nmap <leader>2 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(2)
nmap <leader>3 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(3)
nmap <leader>4 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(4)
nmap <leader>5 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(5)
nmap <leader>6 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(6)
nmap <leader>7 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(7)
nmap <leader>8 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(8)
nmap <leader>9 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(9)
nmap <leader>0 <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(10)
On Mac OS, you probably want to use a |<D-| mapping instead, which will emulate
the standard Cmd+1, Cmd+2, etc. keybindings for this feature: >
nmap <D-1> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(1)
nmap <D-2> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(2)
nmap <D-3> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(3)
nmap <D-4> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(4)
nmap <D-5> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(5)
nmap <D-6> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(6)
nmap <D-7> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(7)
nmap <D-8> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(8)
nmap <D-9> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(9)
nmap <D-0> <Plug>BufTabLine.Go(10)
You can ask for more (or fewer) than the default 10 <Plug> mappings using the
|g:buftabline_plug_max| setting.
4. Tab coloring and colorscheme support *buftabline-colors*
This plugin uses several custom highlight groups to render the buffer tabs.
The custom groups are linked to several other built-in Vim highlight groups
that should provide a sensible default which automatically harmonizes with
your |colorscheme|.
However, if you dislike your colorscheme's chosen tabline colours, you can
override the default links in your |vimrc| -- c.f. |:hi-link|.
Or if you are a colorscheme designer (|44.1|), you can add support to your
colorscheme for this plugin specifically.
The highlight groups and their default links are as follows:
Custom group Default link Meaning
*BufTabLineCurrent* |TabLineSel| Buffer shown in current window
*BufTabLineActive* |PmenuSel| Buffer shown in other window
*BufTabLineHidden* |TabLine| Buffer not currently visible
*BufTabLineFill* |TabLineFill| Empty area
5. Source *buftabline-source*