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A House in California
NOTE: This is a *very* outdated design document, left here for posterity :)
Exploring/navigating the inner lives of four women: Lois, Beulah, Connie & Ann. Move between "rooms" with (psychological) verbs like "remember", "consider", "love". In each room perform actions to solve puzzles and acquire things (fireflies/birds/butterflies/kids) to enliven the house.
Introspective Verbs
Think about?
- Lois
- Collects fireflies to light the lamp-post
- Breaking fireflies out of containers
- Beulah
- Collects birds to live on the telephone wire running above the house and make music
- Luring birds with snacks (preparing snacks for birds)
- Connie
- Collects butterflies to 'paint' the house by resting on it
- Extending the handle of a net to catch butterflies at different distances
- Ann
- Collects kids to play in front of the house
New Rooms
Lois (remember/forget)
1. A house in California
- The Moon
- Remember the moon to go to #2
- Lamp post
- Light lamp post (once all fireflies are caught)
- A house
- Once the lamp is lighted, Enter the house to move to next character.
- Lois
2. The surface of the moon
- A strange fountain
- Remember the fountain to go to #3
- The stars
- Forget the stars to go to #1
- A dome full of stars
- Kick the dome to release fireflies
3. A fountain in a back yard
- A window
- Remember the window to go to #4
- A fountain
- Forget the fountain to go to #2
- A table
- Play under the table to spill the insects out of the jar
- A jar of glowing insects
- Disappears after the jar is knocked over (releases fireflies)
4. An old computer in a guest room
- A computer
- Forget the computer to go to #3
- A "Rocky's Boots" floppy disk
- Play to get rocky's boots on the screen
- "Rocky's boots" running on the screen
- Learn about kicking to get the "Kick" verb
- A strange painting
- Play painting to get boy on computer screen
- Boy on computer screen
- Remember the boy and he turns into fireflies
Beulah (read/write)
Befriend - (befriend birds who then fly back to the house)
Read - (move between rooms and get info about recipes+birds)
Write - (move between rooms and write stories about things)
Cook - (prepare meals for birds)
Birds & their meals:
Pigeons, doves, magpies - bird bread
Bluebirds, cardinals and robins - berry cake
Chickadees, sparrows and goldfinches - peanut butter
Bird bread - Extract crumbs from bread and add flax
Berry cake - Extract berries from bush, sweeten berries with sugar and then bake with candle
Berry bush
Peanut butter - Extract peanuts from shells, blend peanuts in fan
Candy apple - Extract apple from tree, sweeten water with sugar to make syrup, coat apple with syrup
Apple tree
Glass of water
1. A house in California (bird bread)
- Bird bread advertisement
- Cook to create bird bread
- Birds (pigeon, dove, magpie)
- Flying too high at first, lure down with bird bread
- Once lured down, befriend to get them to go on the telephone wire.
- Telephone wire
- Once all 9 (3 sets of 3) birds are on the telephone wire, unlock the 'sing' verb and 'sing with birds' to complete the section
- Clouds
- Write about clouds to go to 'A kitchen on a cloud'
2. Up on a cloud (berry cake)
- Airplane advertising berry cake
- Cook to lure birds
- Cloud
- Read about cloud to go to 'A house in California'
- House on a hill (on a cloud)
- Write about the house to go to 'A house at the top of a hill'
- Bluebird, cardinal, robin
3. A house at the top of a hill (peanut butter)
- Empty peanut butter jar
- Cook to create peanut butter and lure birds
- Cloud catalog
- Read to go to 'up on a cloud'
- Chickadee, sparrow and goldfinch
Connie (look/listen)
Looking at and listening to butterflies who fly around the house yields information about their dreams. Looking at and listening to different objects on the television add verbs that can entice butterflies to the house to sleep.
1. A House in California
Orange butterflies
- Land on the roof
- Dream of salvation
Green butterflies
- Land on the windows
- Dream of traveling through beautiful landscapes
Blue butterflies
- Land on the side of the house
- Dream of a place to rest
2. A TV Show About a Cathedral
- A cross at the top of the cathedral (save)
- A car in front of the cathedral (travel)
After the first two are done, unlock:
- A boy on the sidewalk (rest)
Use the 2 verbs from each character before to remember/forget, read/write, and look/listen to the lamp, birds and butterflies, to remove them. Then learn/unlearn the house to remove it and reveal the boy. Click on the boy to end the game.
Old Map (left-to-right)
1. A house in California
2. A train station in Pittsburgh
- Fireflies trapped in a jar
3. A fountain in a back yard
- Fireflies trapped in a soda can
4. A train station in Toledo
- Fireflies trapped in a vending machine
1. A house in California
2. A room at the top of a hill
3. A long table in a nice restaurant
4. A chapel in a field
1. A house in California
2. A pool in a gated community
3. A roof covered in leaves
4. A room with a television
1. A house in California
2. A room full of colored bottles
3. A swimming hole in a valley
4. A room at the top of a hill