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BBYIDX - Share you ideas

BBYIDX is a free and open source idea-gathering application written in Ruby and distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License.



BBYIDX runs on Rails 2.3. It does not (yet) run on Rails 3. Don't worry about installing the correct version of Rails and all the gems and plugins; bundler should take care of all that automatically.


The app requires PostgreSQL 8.3 or newer.

You'll probably encounter issues on other databases. At the very least, full text search won't work, since it uses the PostgreSQL-specific tsearch plugin. We welcome patches!

One known hurdle: if you are using MySQL, you'll need to make sure the user configured in database.yml has permission to use the "load data" command:

grant file on *.* to bbyidx;


You will first need to edit the following files to get the app running in your environemnt:

  • config/environment_custom.rb
  • config/database.yml
  • config/newrelic.yml (if you want performance metrics from NewRelic)
  • config/twitter.yml (if you want Twitter integration)
  • config/facebooker.yml (if you want Facebook integration)

Local Installation

  1. bundle install
  2. rake db:migrate
  3. rake db:seed
  4. script/server

The first time you visit the app, it will prompt you to create an admin user.


To customize the UI, edit / create files in the following directories:

  • app/views/custom/
  • public/stylesheets/sass/
  • public/images/

NOTE: UI elements that pertain to your brand need not be contributed back to the open source project.

Running the test suite

To verify the code you have checked out:

rake test

If you submit patches, please make sure that they don't break existing tests.

Heroku Installation

The following steps* will walk you through getting BBYIDX running on Heroku, our favorite cloud platform. These steps must be executed from the project root directory.

  1. heroku create YOUR-APP-NAME
  2. heroku addons:add sendgrid:free (See the Sendgrid docs for plans and pricing)
  3. git push heroku master
  4. heroku rake db:migrate
  5. heroku restart
  6. heroku rake db:seed
  7. heroku open

* NOTE: The heroku client library is required for these steps.

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