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For 3.4, currently working on namespacing
Start with: rake db:drop db:install test:units
* Review and possibly remove cms_user depending on what it does.
* Portlets need to be namespaced under cms_ as well (This seems to cause issues with DynamicAttribute saving, so might pass on this one.)
Rack::Cache plus Rack::ESI?
Cucumber Recommendations
* Avoid using selectors unless it really matters.
* Express intent in scenarios
* Can group multiple steps into a single step
Gems to Publish (once its live)
bcms_fckeditor - 1.1.0 is pushed to github. Gem needs to be pushed as well. Need to test file upload (browser.xml) from within the browser
bcms_news - 1.2 pushed to github. Gem not released yet. (Has bugs)
* BUG - Recent Archive portlet is throwing errors.
bcms_google_mini_search - 1.2 pushed to github. Gem not released.
Future Things to do
* Review integration tests to determine where 'error_messages_on' deprecation is coming from.
* Having to explicitly add migrations files to module installers is somewhat tedious and error prone. (Might not be a big deal though)
* Add Block.publish and publish! for easier coding.
* Move 'datepicker' initialization into application.js
* Upgrade jquery.selectbox-0.5 to ( This will likely improve the usability of the selectbox.
* What is the difference between application template and profiles?
* Clean up all 'old' initialization code (add_cms_routes_method, add to rails path, etc)
* Merge all existing migrations into core as well as seeds.rb. Rework how seeds gets run as part of the project. (Future proof this).
* Rename to cms:new rather than browser_cms:cms
* Generators: These appear to be almost identical to how application templates worked. We should probably rewrite app templates to use new generators instead.
* Namespace core files (especially users) to better support dropping in as project.
* Allow Content Blocks to be namespaced.
* Clean up logging messages that are filling up the production logs unnecessarily
** 'Caching enabled'
** 'Not the CMS site'
** 'Rendering content block X'
** 'Not caching, user logged in'
** Rendering template X'
* Have at most one line per request for any diagnostic result.
* Fix broken tests to make it work under 1.8.7/RubyEE
* test/dummy has some duplication ( migrations, seed.rb). This can probably be removed now anyway, due to how Gemfile->gemspec works.
* html_safe = duplication: Every content_block's render.html.erb needs to stick html_safe on everything, which is both tedious and annoying. Need to figure out a better way to globally handle this.
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