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DF is not currently bundled as a proper Mac application. You'll need to use the "df" script in the folder. Double-clicking on it should work. You can also try running it from the Terminal using "sh df" from the Dwarf Fortress directory.
System Requirements
In addition to the hardware requirements (which will be the same as the other
platforms) your system will need these libraries installed:
* GTK+ 2+
* SDL 1.2+
* SDL_image
And some kind of OpenGL implementation, so:
* libgl
* libglu
Commandline Options
-sound_output : sets the sound system to use. Possible values:
ALSA - Use the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. (default)
OSS - Use the Open Sound System.
ESD - Use the Enlightenment Sound Daemon.
If you need to use one of the alternative systems and want to avoid
having to run from a terminal everytime, add the switch and the sound
system required to the df script.
Known Issues
* If the mouse cursor is enabled, and you are running fullscreen
it reacts strangely around the leftmost and topmost edges of the screen.
* Recorded movies will flicker every few frames, with artifacts on
larger screen sizes.
* If the lock keys (caps lock, num lock, etc) do not work for you, open
the df file in a text editor and remove the line that reads
it's a work around for a bug in the SDL package in Debian based distributions,
that reverses the behaviour of the above environmental variable.