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# Include default configuration.
include "/etc/wyrdrc"
# Cheat when editing: Edit the source file in src/.
#set edit_old_command = "wyrd-edit \"%file%\" \"%line%\""
#set edit_new_command = "wyrd-edit \"%file%\" \"\""
#set edit_any_command = "wyrd-edit \"%file%\" \"\""
# We're German over here.
set week_starts_monday = "true"
set schedule_12_hour = "false"
set selection_12_hour = "false"
set status_12_hour = "false"
set description_12_hour = "false"
set quick_date_US = "false"
# And I like my reminders in that format:
set timed_template = "REM %year% %monname% %mday% AT %hour%:%min% DURATION 1:00 MSG "
set untimed_template = "REM %year% %monname% %mday% MSG "
# Count busy hours instead of number of reminders.
set busy_algorithm = "2"
# Center cursor and follow time if "home" is pressed.
set center_cursor = "true"
set home_sticky = "true"
# Number weeks.
set number_weeks = "true"
# Don't issue warnings in advance.
set advance_warning = "false"
# Mark even if there's only one tiny entry.
set busy_level1 = "0"
# Set colors.
color calendar_level1 white black
color calendar_level2 green black
color calendar_level3 red black
# I _never_ use the "natural language" feature. Q is for quit! Always!
bind "q" quit