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git-dude is a simple git desktop notifier. It monitors git repositories in given directory for new commits and branches and shows desktop notification if anything new arrived.

How it works

It simply uses git fetch and parses its output to see what has changed. Then it formats new commit messages with git log and shows desktop notification with notify-send (Linux) or growlnotify (OSX). All of this in infinite loop.

How does it look


git-dude on Fedora


git-dude on Ubuntu


git-dude on Mac OSX


On Linux:

  • notify-send (Fedora: libnotify package, Ubuntu: libnotify-bin package)



$ curl -skL >~/bin/git-dude
$ chmod +x ~/bin/git-dude


git-dude expects you have a dedicated directory that contains git repositories (as direct children).

$ mkdir ~/.git-dude
$ cd ~/.git-dude
$ git clone --mirror some-repo-url
$ git clone --mirror other-repo-url

Symlinked repositories work too. This way you can monitor already cloned projects:

$ cd ~/.git-dude
$ ln -s ~/code/existing-repo

Now, from dude directory run:

$ cd ~/.git-dude
$ git dude

You can also pass directory name as first argument to specify which directory to monitor instead of pwd.

$ cd ~
$ git dude ~/.git-dude

This way you can have multiple dude directories each being monitored by separate git-dude process.


Set how often git-dude should check for changes (in seconds, default: 60):

$ git config --global dude.interval 30

Set path to icon used by desktop notifications (default: none):

$ git config --global dude.icon ~/.git-dude/github_32.png


Marcin Kulik ( | @sickill)

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