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Updated Features
Repeatify is simplest player to repeat Spotify music
* Enhanced user experience, focus and enjoy music
* Repeat your favorite Spotify tracks by one click
* Sync your Spotify playlists, inbox and starred playlist
* Control play, pause, rewind, and fast forward by media keys
Repeatify v0.9.8 Release Notes
* Upgrade libspotify to version 10
* Growl notification when play new track
* Choose the save credentials
* Fixed issue of in-app volume control
Repeatify v0.9.6 Release Notes
* Upgrade libspotify to version 9
Repeatify v0.9.4 Release Notes
* Play queue supported
* Multiple repeat mode, repeat one, repeat all, and shuffle repeat
* Application level volume control
* Play/Pause, fast forward, and rewind within play queue by menu item and media keys
Repeatify v0.9.2 Release Notes
* New app icon and album placeholder image, designed by Cissy
* filter unplayable tracks out with gray text color marked
* Global top lists
* User's inbox playlist and starred playlist
Repeatify v0.9.1 Release Notes
* User authentication
* Display user's playlists
* Play, pause and repeat a song
* Display now playing song's information
* Credits