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import Skype4Py
# attach our program to the Skype
class Skype:
instance = None
Name = "Skype"
def __init__(self):
# create Skype object
self.instance = Skype4Py.Skype()
self.instance.OnAttachmentStatus = self.OnAttach
if not self.instance.Client.IsRunning:
print 'Skype: Starting...'
def OnAttach(self, status):
#print "Skype: API attachment status: %s" % self.instance.Convert.AttachmentStatusToText(status)
if status == Skype4Py.apiAttachAvailable:
def SendMessage(self, to, text):
if not self.instance:
# get the name of Skype contact from the command line and create an object uprofile
uprofile = self.instance.User(Username=to)
# now we can use all the methods from this object (see the documentations for "IUser" class for all available methods)
# print the full name of a person
#print 'profile: ' + uprofile.FullName
# open chat with uname
uchat = self.instance.CreateChatWith(to)
print 'Skype: message sent to %s (%s)' % (to, uprofile.FullName)
def Disconnect(self): pass