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from rabbithole import *
stats = {}
percents = re.compile("<strong>([^<]+)</strong>[\n ]*&nbsp;[\n ]*(\d+)%", re.MULTILINE)
def collectStat(matchObj):
global stats
measure =
value =
stats[measure] = value
return ""
percents.sub(collectStat, GetWebPage(config["cobertura"]))
data = SaveUpdates("cobertura", stats)
page = GetTemplate("coverage")
page = FillTemplate(page, {"##COVERAGECHART##": MakeWikiProgressChart(data)})
print "Publishing to wiki"
WriteFile("temp.tmp", page)
GetWiki({"action": "storePage", "space": config["personal_space"], "title": "Code Coverage", "file": "temp.tmp", "parent": config["parent_page"]})
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