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WordPress Heroku

This project is a template for getting WordPress up and running on Heroku. It comes with PostgreSQL for WordPress pre-installed in order to use Heroku's existing Postgres backend.


Clone the repository from Github

$ git clone git://

With the Heroku gem, create your app

$ cd wordpress-heroku
$ heroku create --stack cedar
> Creating strange-turtle-1234... done, stack is cedar
> |
> Git remote heroku added

Add a database to your app

$ heroku addons:add shared-database:5mb
> -----> Adding shared-database:5mb to strange-turtle-1234... done, v3 (free)

Create a new branch for any configuration/setup changes needed

$ git checkout -b production

Copy the wp-config.php

$ cp wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php

Clear .gitignore and commit wp-config.php

$ >.gitignore
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "zomg wordpress"

Deploy to Heroku

$ git push heroku production:master
> -----> Heroku receiving push
> -----> PHP app detected
> -----> Bundling Apache v2.2.19
> -----> Bundling PHP v5.3.6
> -----> Discovering process types
>        Procfile declares types -> (none)
>        Default types for PHP   -> web
> -----> Compiled slug size is 24.9MB
> -----> Launcing... done, v5
> deployed to Heroku
> To git@heroku:strange-turtle-1234.git
> * [new branch]    production -> master 

After deployment WordPress has a few more steps to setup and thats it!


Updating your WordPress version is just a matter of merging the updates into the branch created from the installation.

$ git pull # Get the latest

Using the same branch name from our installation:

$ git checkout production
$ git merge master # Merge latest
$ git push heroku production:master

WordPress needs to update the database. After push, navigate to:

WordPress will prompt for updating the database. After that you'll be good to go.