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Add link to the Accumulo Tour
Add link to the Accumulo Tour to the introductory section of the Accumulo-Examples repository. This link provides several more very simple examples for someone interested in getting familiar with Accumulo.
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jmark99 committed May 2, 2022
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@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ greater. Examples within the `main` branch are designed to work with the version
under development. Additional branches exist for previous releases of the Accumulo 2.x line. For
example, the `2.0` branch contains examples specifically intended to work with that release version.

The [Accumulo Tour] also provides several simple introductory examples that may be of interest.

A collection of examples for Accumulo 1.10 can be found [here].

## Setup instructions
@@ -142,3 +144,4 @@ This repository can be used to test Accumulo release candidates. See
[Accumulo Tour]:

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