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Make fields non final in Opts so that they work correctly (#…
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DomGarguilo committed Apr 7, 2022
1 parent 29c353b commit 99267730d55b11dadb59a6d3893ab95bcddd37f4
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -48,15 +48,15 @@ static class QueryOpts extends ClientOpts {
List<String> terms = new ArrayList<>();

@Parameter(names = {"-t", "--table"}, required = true, description = "table to use")
private String tableName;
String tableName;

@Parameter(names = {"--sample"},
description = "Do queries against sample, useful when sample is built using column qualifier")
private final boolean useSample = false;
boolean useSample = false;

@Parameter(names = {"--sampleCutoff"},
description = "Use sample data to determine if a query might return a number of documents over the cutoff. This check is per tablet.")
private final Integer sampleCutoff = null;
Integer sampleCutoff = null;

public static List<String> query(BatchScanner bs, List<String> terms, Integer cutoff) {

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