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Update readme and add comments to RandomCachedLookupsPT
* These additions aim to inform the user that some tests may require changes to certain property values in order to run.
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Manno15 committed Sep 29, 2021
2 parents 86536bb + 5561b7c commit 27476d0fb855ecaae7a04a0343d0e065434448d1
Showing 2 changed files with 9 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -259,6 +259,9 @@ applied. The example below will run just the DurabilityWriteSpeedPT.
./bin/performance run <output dir> DurabilityWriteSpeedPT
Some performance tests alter the system properties of the cluster it is trying to test on. These
may require fine-tuning in order to work on some hardware.
There are some utilities for working with the JSON result files, run the `performance` script
with no options to see them.
@@ -68,6 +68,9 @@ public SystemConfiguration getSystemConfig() {
siteCfg.put(Property.TSERV_MINTHREADS.getKey(), "256");
siteCfg.put(Property.TSERV_SCAN_EXECUTORS_DEFAULT_THREADS.getKey(), "32");
siteCfg.put(Property.TABLE_DURABILITY.getKey(), "flush");

// Verify the size of the caches below are smaller than the java heap size given to the tserver.
// The heap size can be found and changed in
siteCfg.put(Property.TSERV_DATACACHE_SIZE.getKey(), "2G");
siteCfg.put(Property.TSERV_INDEXCACHE_SIZE.getKey(), "1G");

@@ -203,11 +206,11 @@ public static void writeData(Report.Builder reportBuilder, AccumuloClient client"create", t2 - t1, ms, "Time to create table");"split", t3 - t2, ms, "Time to split table");"write", 4 * numRows, t4 - t3, "entries/sec","write", 4L * numRows, t4 - t3, "entries/sec",
"Rate at which data are written");"compact", 4 * numRows, t5 - t4, "entries/sec","compact", 4L * numRows, t5 - t4, "entries/sec",
"Rate at which tables are compacted");"fullScan", 4 * numRows, t6 - t5, "entries/sec","fullScan", 4L * numRows, t6 - t5, "entries/sec",
"Rate at which full table scans take place");

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