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ACCUMULO-817 - Thorough documentation on append/sync configurations

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@@ -67,9 +67,21 @@ have password-less ssh set up as described in the hadoop documentation.
You will need to have hadoop installed and configured on your system. Accumulo
1.5.0-SNAPSHOT has been tested with hadoop version 0.20.2. To avoid data loss,
you must enable HDFS durable sync. How you enable this depends on your version
-of Hadoop. For older versions of Hadoop set to true in
-hdfs-site.xml. For newer versions set dfs.durable.sync to true. After setting
-these properties restart HDFS. See ACCUMULO-623 for more information.
+of Hadoop. Please consult the table below for information regarding your version.
+If you need to set the coniguration, please be sure to restart HDFS. See
+ACCUMULO-623 for more information.
+Apache Hadoop 0.20.205 false
+Apache Hadoop 0.23.x true
+Apache Hadoop 1.0.x false
+Apache Hadoop 1.1.x dfs.durable.sync true
+Apache Hadoop 2.0.0-2.0.2 true
+Cloudera CDH 3u0-3u3 ???? true
+Cloudera CDH 3u4 true
+Hortonworks HDP `1.0 false
+Hortonworks HDP `1.1 false
The example accumulo configuration files are placed in directories based on the
memory footprint for the accumulo processes. If you are using native libraries

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