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Docker Image Example

This is an example on how you could create your own Docker Image For Apache ActiveMQ Artemis based on CentOS or Ubuntu.


Use the script ./ as it will copy the docker files under the binary distribution.



Go to $ARTEMIS_HOME where you prepared the binary with Docker files.

For Ubuntu:

From within the $ARTEMIS_HOME folder:

$ docker build -f ./docker/Dockerfile-ubuntu -t artemis-ubuntu .

For CentOS

From within the $ARTEMIS_HOME folder:

$ docker build -f ./docker/Dockerfile-centos -t artemis-centos .

Note: -t artemis-ubuntu,-t artemis-centos are just tag names for the purpose of this guide



Default here is FALSE. If you set this to true, it will change security settings passed on the broker instance creation.


Default here is --user ${ARTEMIS_USER} --password ${ARTEMIS_PASSWORD} --silent --http-host --relax-jolokia"

This will be passed straight to ./artemis create during the execution.

Mapping point

  • /var/lib/artemis-instance

It's possible to map a folder as the instance broker. This will hold the configuration and the data of the running broker. This is useful for when you want the data persisted outside of a container.

Lifecycle of the execution

A broker instance will be created during the execution of the instance. If you pass a mapped folder for /var/lib/artemis-instance an image will be created or reused depending on the contents of the folder.

Running a CentOS image

The image just created in the previous step allows both stateless or stateful runs. The stateless run is achieved by:

$ docker run --rm -it -p 61616:61616 -p 8161:8161 artemis-centos 

The image will also support mapped folders and mapped ports. To run the image with the instance persisted on the host:

docker run -it -p 61616:61616 -p 8161:8161 -v <broker folder on host>:/var/lib/artemis-instance artemis-centos 

where <broker folder on host> is a folder where the broker instance is supposed to be saved and reused on each run.

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