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added a BNF for the stomp spec.
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@@ -209,4 +209,45 @@ The server may send ERROR frames if something goes wrong. The error frame should

It is recommended that ERROR frames include a *content-length* header which is a byte count for the length of the message body. If a *content-length* header is included, this number of bytes should be read, regardless of whether or not there are null characters in the body. The frame still needs to be terminated with a null byte, and if a *content-length* is not specified the first null byte encountered signals the end of the frame.

###Augmented BNF

We will use the augmented Backus-Naur Form (BNF) used in the HTTP/1.1 (rfc2616) to define a valid stomp frame:

LF = <US-ASCII LF, linefeed (octect 10)>
CHAR = <any US-ASCII character (octets 0 - 127)>
OCTET = <any 8-bit sequence of data>
DIGIT = <any US-ASCII digit "0".."9">
NULL = <octect 0>

frame = *( LF )
command LF
*( header LF )
[ content ]

command = client-command | server-command

client-command = "SEND"
| "ACK"

server-command = "CONNECTED"

header = <header-name> ":" <header-value>
header-name = 1*<any CHAR except LF or ":">
header-value = 1*<any CHAR except LF>

content = text-content | binary-content
text-content = 1*<any OCTET except NULL>
binary-content = 1*<OCTECT>

This spec is licensed under the [Creative Commons Attribution v2.5](

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