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@@ -5,10 +5,12 @@ You can use the following instructions to create a graph from the files. This do
- the structure of CSV files that load functions as input, do and do not.
- A simple source code example to load countries and cities from the files.

## Getting from the current branch
The current implementation is available on the fork I have created and currently have not been merged with the main master branch. You can download the fork from the following. Please make sure that you download `create-graph-from-files-b1` branch and not some other branch as this has been specifically prepared for you.
User can load graph in two steps
- Load Vetices in the first step
- Load Edges in the second step

**User msut create graph and labels before loading data from files**

## Load Graph functions
Following are the details about the functions to create vertices and edges from the file.

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