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Added a brief introduction section for how variable length
edges function.
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### Variable Length Edges
## Variable Length Edges

When the connection between two vertices is of variable length, the list of edges that form the connection can be returned using the following connection.

### Introduction

Rather than describing a long path using a sequence of many vertex and edge descriptions in a pattern, many edges (and the intermediate vertices) can be described by specifying a length in the edge description of a pattern.


Which describes a right directed path of three vertices and two edges can be rewritten to:


A range lengths can also be given:


Which is equivalent to:

(u)-[]->()-[]->()-[]->(v) and
(u)-[]->()-[]->()-[]->()-[]->(v) and

The previous example provided gave the edge both an lower and upper bound for the number of edges (and vertices) between u and v. Either one or both of these binding values can be excluded


Returns all paths between u and v that have three or more edges included.


Returns all paths between u and v that have 5 or fewer edges included.


Returns all paths between u and v

### Example


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