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Bugfix - Remove INLINE from function delcaration
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JoshInnis committed Feb 10, 2022
1 parent fada9c9 commit 0406d615375469872962f243028b2580b630b001
Showing 4 changed files with 30 additions and 30 deletions.
@@ -769,54 +769,54 @@ GRAPH_global_context *find_GRAPH_global_context(Oid graph_oid)

/* graph vertices accessor */
inline ListGraphId *get_graph_vertices(GRAPH_global_context *ggctx)
ListGraphId *get_graph_vertices(GRAPH_global_context *ggctx)
return ggctx->vertices;

/* vertex_entry accessor functions */
inline graphid get_vertex_entry_id(vertex_entry *ve)
graphid get_vertex_entry_id(vertex_entry *ve)
return ve->vertex_id;

inline ListGraphId *get_vertex_entry_edges(vertex_entry *ve)
ListGraphId *get_vertex_entry_edges(vertex_entry *ve)
return ve->edges;

inline Oid get_vertex_entry_label_table_oid(vertex_entry *ve)
Oid get_vertex_entry_label_table_oid(vertex_entry *ve)
return ve->vertex_label_table_oid;

inline Datum get_vertex_entry_properties(vertex_entry *ve)
Datum get_vertex_entry_properties(vertex_entry *ve)
return ve->vertex_properties;

/* edge_entry accessor functions */
inline graphid get_edge_entry_id(edge_entry *ee)
graphid get_edge_entry_id(edge_entry *ee)
return ee->edge_id;

inline Oid get_edge_entry_label_table_oid(edge_entry *ee)
Oid get_edge_entry_label_table_oid(edge_entry *ee)
return ee->edge_label_table_oid;

inline Datum get_edge_entry_properties(edge_entry *ee)
Datum get_edge_entry_properties(edge_entry *ee)
return ee->edge_properties;

inline graphid get_edge_entry_start_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee)
graphid get_edge_entry_start_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee)
return ee->start_vertex_id;

inline graphid get_edge_entry_end_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee)
graphid get_edge_entry_end_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee)
return ee->end_vertex_id;
@@ -46,31 +46,31 @@ typedef struct ListGraphId

/* definitions */
/* return the next GraphIdNode */
inline GraphIdNode *next_GraphIdNode(GraphIdNode *node)
GraphIdNode *next_GraphIdNode(GraphIdNode *node)
return node->next;

/* return the graphid */
inline graphid get_graphid(GraphIdNode *node)
graphid get_graphid(GraphIdNode *node)
return node->id;

/* get the size of the passed stack */
inline int64 get_stack_size(ListGraphId *stack)
int64 get_stack_size(ListGraphId *stack)
return stack->size;

/* return a reference to the head entry in the stack */
inline GraphIdNode *peek_stack_head(ListGraphId *stack)
GraphIdNode *peek_stack_head(ListGraphId *stack)
return stack->head;

/* return a reference to the tail entry in the stack */
inline GraphIdNode *peek_stack_tail(ListGraphId *stack)
GraphIdNode *peek_stack_tail(ListGraphId *stack)
return stack->tail;
@@ -42,19 +42,19 @@ GRAPH_global_context *manage_GRAPH_global_contexts(char *graph_name,
Oid graph_oid);
GRAPH_global_context *find_GRAPH_global_context(Oid graph_oid);
/* GRAPH retrieval functions */
inline ListGraphId *get_graph_vertices(GRAPH_global_context *ggctx);
ListGraphId *get_graph_vertices(GRAPH_global_context *ggctx);
vertex_entry *get_vertex_entry(GRAPH_global_context *ggctx,
graphid vertex_id);
edge_entry *get_edge_entry(GRAPH_global_context *ggctx, graphid edge_id);
/* vertex entry accessor functions*/
inline graphid get_vertex_entry_id(vertex_entry *ve);
inline ListGraphId *get_vertex_entry_edges(vertex_entry *ve);
inline Oid get_vertex_entry_label_table_oid(vertex_entry *ve);
inline Datum get_vertex_entry_properties(vertex_entry *ve);
graphid get_vertex_entry_id(vertex_entry *ve);
ListGraphId *get_vertex_entry_edges(vertex_entry *ve);
Oid get_vertex_entry_label_table_oid(vertex_entry *ve);
Datum get_vertex_entry_properties(vertex_entry *ve);
/* edge entry accessor functions */
inline graphid get_edge_entry_id(edge_entry *ee);
inline Oid get_edge_entry_label_table_oid(edge_entry *ee);
inline Datum get_edge_entry_properties(edge_entry *ee);
inline graphid get_edge_entry_start_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee);
inline graphid get_edge_entry_end_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee);
graphid get_edge_entry_id(edge_entry *ee);
Oid get_edge_entry_label_table_oid(edge_entry *ee);
Datum get_edge_entry_properties(edge_entry *ee);
graphid get_edge_entry_start_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee);
graphid get_edge_entry_end_vertex_id(edge_entry *ee);
@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@ typedef struct GraphIdNode GraphIdNode;
typedef struct ListGraphId ListGraphId;

/* GraphIdNode access functions */
inline GraphIdNode *next_GraphIdNode(GraphIdNode *node);
inline graphid get_graphid(GraphIdNode *node);
GraphIdNode *next_GraphIdNode(GraphIdNode *node);
graphid get_graphid(GraphIdNode *node);

/* graphid stack functions */
/* create a new ListGraphId stack */
@@ -51,11 +51,11 @@ void push_graphid_stack(ListGraphId *stack, graphid id);
/* pop (remove) a GraphIdNode from the top of the stack */
graphid pop_graphid_stack(ListGraphId *stack);
/* peek (doesn't remove) at the head entry of a ListGraphId stack */
inline GraphIdNode *peek_stack_head(ListGraphId *stack);
GraphIdNode *peek_stack_head(ListGraphId *stack);
/* peek (doesn't remove) at the tail entry of a ListGraphId stack */
inline GraphIdNode *peek_stack_tail(ListGraphId *stack);
GraphIdNode *peek_stack_tail(ListGraphId *stack);
/* return the size of a ListGraphId stack */
inline int64 get_stack_size(ListGraphId *stack);
int64 get_stack_size(ListGraphId *stack);

/* graphid list functions */

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