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## Overview

- **Apache AGE is currently being developed for the PostgreSQL 11 release** and will support PostgreSQL 12 and 13 in 2021 and all the future releases of PostgreSQL.
- Apache AGE supports the openCypher graph query language and label hierarchy.
- Apache AGE enables querying multiple graphs at the same time. This will allow a user to query two or more graphs at once with cypher, decide how to merge them and get the desired query outputs.
- Apache AGE supports the openCypher graph query language.
- Apache AGE enables querying multiple graphs at the same time.
- Apache AGE will be enhanced with an aim to support all of the key features of AgensGraph (PostgreSQL fork extended with graph DB functionality).

## Latest happenings

- The first official Apache release has been released, [Apache AGE 0.3.0 (incubating)](
- Latest Apache AGE release, [Apache AGE 0.5.0 (incubating)](
- The latest Apache AGE documentation is now available at [here](
- The roadmap has been updated, please check out the [Apache AGE website](
- Send all your comments and inquiries to the user mailing list,

## Installation

- [Use a docker image - official ver.](
- [Use a docker image - alpine ver.](
- [Installing from source](

## Viewer Tools in AGE
## Graph visualization tool for AGE

### AGViewer :
Apache AGE Viewer is a subproject of the Apache AGE incubating project:

- This is a visualization tool.
After AGE Extension Installation

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