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AIRAVATA-3420 Allow reading just a few bytes from very large files by…
… streaming http download (initial use case is to determine file type)
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machristie committed Aug 4, 2021
1 parent 9c5e75e commit 94ec26a463888cebffbe468f90e6f1e893152d48
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@@ -843,10 +843,10 @@ def _determine_content_type(full_path, content_type=None, backend=None):
# Check if file is Unicode text by trying to read some of it
if backend is not None:
file =
# Try to decode the first kb as UTF8'utf-8')
result = "text/plain"
with as file:
# Try to decode the first kb as UTF8'utf-8')
result = "text/plain"
except UnicodeDecodeError:
logger.debug(f"Failed to read as Unicode text: {full_path}")
return result
@@ -205,11 +205,14 @@ def get_download_url(self, resource_path):

def open(self, resource_path):
download_url = self.get_download_url(resource_path)
r = requests.get(download_url)
r = requests.get(download_url, stream=True)
file = io.BytesIO(r.content) = os.path.basename(resource_path)
return file
# raw stream doesn't automatically decode the response body based on the
# transfer encoding, but setting decode_content to True causes it to do
# the decoding.
r.raw.decode_content = True = os.path.basename(resource_path)
return r.raw

def _get_child_path(self, resource_path):
"""Convert resource path into child path appropriate for resource."""

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