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Merge pull request #38 from evanstoddard23/patch-1
update docs to use latest checkout action
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asottile committed Jul 8, 2020
2 parents 56c4e64 + 289a367 commit b9651b1a1859c925a2f6b6c198870fa352de3e85
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@@ -53,8 +53,18 @@ this action also provides an additional behaviour when used in private
repositories. when configured with a github token, the action will push back
fixes to the pull request branch.

here's an example configuration for that (use the template above except for the
`pre-commit` action):
using the template above, you'll make two replacements for individual actions:

first is the checkout step, which needs to use unlimited fetch depth for

- uses: actions/checkout@v2
fetch-depth: 0

next is passing the token to the pre-commit action

- uses: pre-commit/action@v2.0.0

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