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[Issue#22846] allow option to encode or not encode UUID when uploadin…
…g from Cassandra to GCS (#23766)
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fuxiao224 committed May 20, 2022
1 parent 8494fc7 commit 5bfacf81c63668ea63e7cb48f4a708a67d0ac0a2
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@@ -79,6 +79,8 @@ class CassandraToGCSOperator(BaseOperator):
:param query_timeout: (Optional) The amount of time, in seconds, used to execute the Cassandra query.
If not set, the timeout value will be set in Session.execute() by Cassandra driver.
If set to None, there is no timeout.
:param encode_uuid: (Optional) Option to encode UUID or not when upload from Cassandra to GCS.
Default is to encode UUID.

template_fields: Sequence[str] = (
@@ -105,6 +107,7 @@ def __init__(
delegate_to: Optional[str] = None,
impersonation_chain: Optional[Union[str, Sequence[str]]] = None,
query_timeout: Union[float, None, NotSetType] = NOT_SET,
encode_uuid: bool = True,
) -> None:
@@ -120,6 +123,7 @@ def __init__(
self.gzip = gzip
self.impersonation_chain = impersonation_chain
self.query_timeout = query_timeout
self.encode_uuid = encode_uuid

# Default Cassandra to BigQuery type mapping
@@ -256,13 +260,11 @@ def _upload_to_gcs(self, file_to_upload):

def generate_data_dict(cls, names: Iterable[str], values: Any) -> Dict[str, Any]:
def generate_data_dict(self, names: Iterable[str], values: Any) -> Dict[str, Any]:
"""Generates data structure that will be stored as file in GCS."""
return {n: cls.convert_value(v) for n, v in zip(names, values)}
return {n: self.convert_value(v) for n, v in zip(names, values)}

def convert_value(cls, value: Optional[Any]) -> Optional[Any]:
def convert_value(self, value: Optional[Any]) -> Optional[Any]:
"""Convert value to BQ type."""
if not value:
return value
@@ -271,59 +273,58 @@ def convert_value(cls, value: Optional[Any]) -> Optional[Any]:
elif isinstance(value, bytes):
return b64encode(value).decode('ascii')
elif isinstance(value, UUID):
return b64encode(value.bytes).decode('ascii')
if self.encode_uuid:
return b64encode(value.bytes).decode('ascii')
return str(value)
elif isinstance(value, (datetime, Date)):
return str(value)
elif isinstance(value, Decimal):
return float(value)
elif isinstance(value, Time):
return str(value).split('.')[0]
elif isinstance(value, (list, SortedSet)):
return cls.convert_array_types(value)
return self.convert_array_types(value)
elif hasattr(value, '_fields'):
return cls.convert_user_type(value)
return self.convert_user_type(value)
elif isinstance(value, tuple):
return cls.convert_tuple_type(value)
return self.convert_tuple_type(value)
elif isinstance(value, OrderedMapSerializedKey):
return cls.convert_map_type(value)
return self.convert_map_type(value)
raise AirflowException('Unexpected value: ' + str(value))

def convert_array_types(cls, value: Union[List[Any], SortedSet]) -> List[Any]:
def convert_array_types(self, value: Union[List[Any], SortedSet]) -> List[Any]:
"""Maps convert_value over array."""
return [cls.convert_value(nested_value) for nested_value in value]
return [self.convert_value(nested_value) for nested_value in value]

def convert_user_type(cls, value: Any) -> Dict[str, Any]:
def convert_user_type(self, value: Any) -> Dict[str, Any]:
Converts a user type to RECORD that contains n fields, where n is the
number of attributes. Each element in the user type class will be converted to its
corresponding data type in BQ.
names = value._fields
values = [cls.convert_value(getattr(value, name)) for name in names]
return cls.generate_data_dict(names, values)
values = [self.convert_value(getattr(value, name)) for name in names]
return self.generate_data_dict(names, values)

def convert_tuple_type(cls, values: Tuple[Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]:
def convert_tuple_type(self, values: Tuple[Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]:
Converts a tuple to RECORD that contains n fields, each will be converted
to its corresponding data type in bq and will be named 'field_<index>', where
index is determined by the order of the tuple elements defined in cassandra.
names = ['field_' + str(i) for i in range(len(values))]
return cls.generate_data_dict(names, values)
return self.generate_data_dict(names, values)

def convert_map_type(cls, value: OrderedMapSerializedKey) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]:
def convert_map_type(self, value: OrderedMapSerializedKey) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]:
Converts a map to a repeated RECORD that contains two fields: 'key' and 'value',
each will be converted to its corresponding data type in BQ.
converted_map = []
for k, v in zip(value.keys(), value.values()):
converted_map.append({'key': cls.convert_value(k), 'value': cls.convert_value(v)})
converted_map.append({'key': self.convert_value(k), 'value': self.convert_value(v)})
return converted_map

@@ -23,23 +23,28 @@
from import CassandraToGCSOperator

TMP_FILE_NAME = "temp-file"
TEST_BUCKET = "test-bucket"
SCHEMA = "schema.json"
FILENAME = "data.json"
CQL = "select * from keyspace1.table1"
TASK_ID = "test-cas-to-gcs"

class TestCassandraToGCS(unittest.TestCase):
def test_execute(self, mock_hook, mock_upload, mock_tempfile):
test_bucket = "test-bucket"
schema = "schema.json"
filename = "data.json"
test_bucket = TEST_BUCKET
schema = SCHEMA
filename = FILENAME
gzip = True
query_timeout = 20 = TMP_FILE_NAME

operator = CassandraToGCSOperator(
cql="select * from keyspace1.table1",
@@ -70,7 +75,10 @@ def test_execute(self, mock_hook, mock_upload, mock_tempfile):
mock_upload.assert_has_calls([call_schema, call_data], any_order=True)

def test_convert_value(self):
op = CassandraToGCSOperator
op = CassandraToGCSOperator(task_id=TASK_ID, bucket=TEST_BUCKET, cql=CQL, filename=FILENAME)
unencoded_uuid_op = CassandraToGCSOperator(
task_id=TASK_ID, bucket=TEST_BUCKET, cql=CQL, filename=FILENAME, encode_uuid=False
assert op.convert_value(None) is None
assert op.convert_value(1) == 1
assert op.convert_value(1.0) == 1.0
@@ -95,6 +103,8 @@ def test_convert_value(self):
test_uuid = uuid.uuid4()
encoded_uuid = b64encode(test_uuid.bytes).decode("ascii")
assert op.convert_value(test_uuid) == encoded_uuid
unencoded_uuid = str(test_uuid)
assert unencoded_uuid_op.convert_value(test_uuid) == unencoded_uuid

byte_str = b"abc"
encoded_b = b64encode(byte_str).decode("ascii")

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