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.github Added inline style link Jan 9, 2018
ambari-admin [AMBARI-24859] Admin View: Apache Ambari logo and favicon does not sh… Nov 6, 2018
ambari-agent AMBARI-24839. Ambari is trying to create hbase.rootdir using s3 url (#… Nov 15, 2018
ambari-common/src AMBARI-24886 : Add stack feature constant to support Ranger admin use… Nov 16, 2018
ambari-funtest [AMBARI-24804] - Unify Ambari Versioning Across Modules (#2488) Oct 19, 2018
ambari-project AMBARI-24806. Upgrading swagger maven plugin version (#2491) Oct 19, 2018
ambari-server-spi [AMBARI-24897] Reduce Visible Artifacts from the SPI (#2607) Nov 14, 2018
ambari-server AMBARI-24907. Updated service metainfo to declare LDAP integration su… Nov 16, 2018
ambari-serviceadvisor [AMBARI-24052] Add Kerberos-related configuration recommendations to … Jun 8, 2018
ambari-utility AMBARI-24835. Fix javadoc errors in ambari-utility (#2523) Oct 26, 2018
ambari-views [AMBARI-24804] - Unify Ambari Versioning Across Modules (#2488) Oct 19, 2018
ambari-web AMBARI-24905 Service display name on left navigation bar should be su… Nov 15, 2018
contrib AMBARI-24839. Ambari is trying to create hbase.rootdir using s3 url (#… Nov 15, 2018
dev-support AMBARI-23197. Ambari Agent unit test needs openssl Mar 26, 2018
docs Upgrade docs for 2.7.3 release Nov 16, 2018
.gitattributes Adding git attributes file Jan 19, 2013
.gitignore AMBARI-24558. Add setup.py for ambari python packages (for using with… Aug 30, 2018
KEYS Updating KEYS file. (#2508) Oct 23, 2018
LICENSE.txt Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/trunk' into branch-3.0-perf Sep 28, 2017
MANIFEST.in AMBARI-24558. Add setup.py for ambari python packages (for using with… Aug 30, 2018
NOTICE.txt AMBARI-20684. Implement a websocket adapter for stomp.py (aonishuk) Apr 6, 2017
README.md AMBARI-24466. Add README.md for Ambari project (#2390) Sep 27, 2018
install-ambari-python.sh [AMBARI-24706] Fix issues in ambari common python package publishing … Sep 27, 2018
logo.png AMBARI-2042. Update Ambari logo. (yusaku) May 1, 2013
pass.txt Merging AMBARI-666 to trunk. Dec 13, 2012
pom.xml [AMBARI-24804] - Unify Ambari Versioning Across Modules (#2488) Oct 19, 2018
setup.py [AMBARI-24804] - Unify Ambari Versioning Across Modules (#2488) Oct 19, 2018
start-build-env.sh Dockerfiles for building Ambari (CentOS, Ubuntu) (#391) Feb 16, 2018
version AMBARI-2233. Ensure version values are used appropriately throughout … May 30, 2013


Apache Ambari

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Apache Ambari is a tool for provisioning, managing, and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters. Ambari consists of a set of RESTful APIs and a browser-based management interface.


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