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AMBARI-23945. Infra Solr Migration - do not use solr hosts which are …
…not related with the right collection
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oleewere committed Jun 25, 2018
1 parent 5cd88a8 commit 558ce8c2170d5a88b36adc2ca63332fa64733720
Showing 1 changed file with 30 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -713,7 +713,34 @@ def create_configs(config_type, properties, context):
configs_for_posts[config_type] = configuration
return configs_for_posts

def get_solr_urls(options, config, collection, collections_json): # TODO: use proper url from collections.json
def common_data(list1, list2):
common_data = []
for x in list1:
for y in list2:
if x == y:
return common_data

def filter_solr_hosts_if_match_any(splitted_solr_hosts, collection, collections_json):
Return common hosts if there is any match with the collection related hosts, if not then filter won't apply (e.g.: won't filter with IPs in host names)
collection_related_hosts = []
all_collection_data = get_collections_data(collections_json)
if collection in all_collection_data:
collection_data = all_collection_data[collection]
if 'shards' in collection_data:
for shard in collection_data['shards']:
if 'replicas' in collection_data['shards'][shard]:
for replica in collection_data['shards'][shard]['replicas']:
nodeName = collection_data['shards'][shard]['replicas'][replica]['nodeName']
hostName = nodeName.split(":")[0]
if hostName not in collection_related_hosts:
common_list = common_data(splitted_solr_hosts, collection_related_hosts)
return common_list if common_list else splitted_solr_hosts

def get_solr_urls(options, config, collection, collections_json):
solr_urls = []
solr_hosts = None
solr_port = "8886"
@@ -726,6 +753,7 @@ def get_solr_urls(options, config, collection, collections_json): # TODO: use pr
solr_hosts = config.get('infra_solr', 'hosts')

splitted_solr_hosts = solr_hosts.split(',')
filter_solr_hosts_if_match_any(splitted_solr_hosts, collection, collections_json)
if options.include_solr_hosts:
# keep only included ones, do not override any
include_solr_hosts_list = options.include_solr_hosts.split(',')
@@ -1520,7 +1548,7 @@ def restore_collections(options, accessor, parser, config, service_filter):
print "Collection '{0}' does not exist or filtered out. Skipping restore operation.".format(vertex_index_collection)

def reload_collections(options, accessor, parser, config, service_filter):
collections_json_location = config, COLLECTIONS_DATA_JSON_LOCATION.format("reload_collections.json")
collections_json_location = COLLECTIONS_DATA_JSON_LOCATION.format("reload_collections.json")
collections=list_collections(options, config, collections_json_location)
collections=filter_collections(options, collections)
if is_ranger_available(config, service_filter):

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