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AMBARI-23945. Infra Solr migration - Update
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oleewere committed Jul 9, 2018
1 parent 9169a3e commit 7d03c2fb7d06ccf1681ff4d459badfb6942918a6
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ Ambari Infra Solr uses Solr 7 from Ambari 2.7.0, therefore it is required migrat

##### Prerequisites:
- Upgrade Ambari server
- Make sure Solrs are up and running
- Do NOT restart Infra Solr after Ambari server upgrade (if you do, see [this](#if-solr-restarted))
- There will be a small time window between backup collections and deleting collections - Ranger plugins will operate during that time, that means you can loose data during that time period. If that means a big problem in order to avoid that, you can enable to auudit to HDFS for that time.

@@ -1053,4 +1054,4 @@ Usage: /usr/lib/ambari-infra-solr-client/ --mode <MODE> --
--skip-logsearch-upgrade skip ambari-logsearch-portal and ambari-logsearch-logfeeder package upgrades
--skip-warnings skip warnings at check-shards step
-h, --help print help

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