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AMBARI-23529 : Utility function to get namenode logical hostname and …
…namespace for a given hostname. (#954)
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vishalsuvagia authored and swagle committed Apr 12, 2018
1 parent 6804d35 commit 70c42f560032bf9f7f03c3ee74194c4b1f99a5c5
Showing 1 changed file with 28 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -383,3 +383,31 @@ def get_name_service_by_hostname(hdfs_site, host_name):
nn_rpc = nn_rpc_port.split(':')[0]
if nn_rpc == host_name:
return ns

def get_namespace_mapping_for_hostname(hostname, hdfs_site, security_enabled, run_user):
namenode_address_map_list = get_namenode_states(hdfs_site, security_enabled, run_user)
namenode_logical_name = None
for each_namenode_address_map in namenode_address_map_list:
if len(each_namenode_address_map) != 0:
for namenode_hostname_logical_map_tuple in each_namenode_address_map:
namenode_hostname = namenode_hostname_logical_map_tuple[1].split(":")[0]
if hostname == namenode_hostname:
namenode_logical_name = namenode_hostname_logical_map_tuple[0]
if namenode_logical_name is not None:

namenode_nameservices = get_nameservices(hdfs_site)
namespace_nameservice = None
if namenode_nameservices and len(namenode_nameservices) > 0:
for name_service in namenode_nameservices:
namenode_logical_names_list = hdfs_site.get('dfs.ha.namenodes.' + str(name_service), None)
if namenode_logical_names_list and ',' in namenode_logical_names_list:
for each_namenode_logical_name in namenode_logical_names_list.split(','):
if namenode_logical_name == each_namenode_logical_name:
namespace_nameservice = name_service
if namespace_nameservice is not None:
return namespace_nameservice,namenode_logical_name

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