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AMBARI-25207 The Ubuntu repository id for the cached apt package list…
… is generated wrong in case if were used URL with https protocol (dgrinenko) (#2919)
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hapylestat committed Apr 11, 2019
1 parent f44e648 commit e694998eca8657e3c85016a2fb6e875bc5b973e5
Showing 1 changed file with 15 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -151,6 +151,20 @@ def available_packages(self, pkg_names=None, repo_filter=None):
def all_packages(self, pkg_names=None, repo_filter=None):
return self.available_packages(pkg_names, repo_filter)

def transform_baseurl_to_repoid(self, base_url):
Transforms the URL looking like proto://localhost/some/long/path to localhost_some_long_path
:type base_url str
:rtype str
url_proto_mask = "://"
url_proto_pos = base_url.find(url_proto_mask)
if url_proto_pos > 0:
base_url = base_url[url_proto_pos+len(url_proto_mask):]

return base_url.replace("/", "_").replace(" ", "_")

def get_available_packages_in_repos(self, repos):
Gets all (both installed and available) packages that are available at given repositories.
@@ -163,7 +177,7 @@ def get_available_packages_in_repos(self, repos):
repo_ids = []

for repo in repos.items:
repo_ids.append(repo.base_url.replace("http://", "").replace("/", "_"))

if repos.feat.scoped:"Looking for matching packages in the following repositories: {0}".format(", ".join(repo_ids)))

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