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patch the examples to use the current attribute name. Incidentally, w…
…e could call it "command" for better consistency with the cvs task.

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steveloughran committed Aug 4, 2006
1 parent 13591a2 commit c2941d9ac6176442815fe726bd5fd9c1de332526
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@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ <h3>Examples</h3>
<p>updates the working copy that has previously been checked out into

<pre> &lt;svn command=&quot;-q diff&quot; output=&quot;patch.txt&quot;/&gt;</pre>
<pre> &lt;svn subcommand=&quot;-q diff&quot; output=&quot;patch.txt&quot;/&gt;</pre>

<p>silently (<code>-q</code>) creates a file called <code>patch.txt</code> which contains a unified diff which can be used as input to patch.
The equivalent, using <code>&lt;commandline&gt;</code> elements, is:
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ <h3>Examples</h3>
from the <code>&lt;svn&gt;</code> element.

<pre> &lt;svn command=&quot;update&quot;/&gt;</pre>
<pre> &lt;svn subcommand=&quot;update&quot;/&gt;</pre>
<p>Updates from the head of repository creating any new directories as necessary.</p>
<p>See <a href="" target="_top">Version Control with Subversion</a> for details,
specifically the <a href="" target="_top">The Subversion Command Line Client: svn</a></p>

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