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Apache Ivy™

What is Apache Ivy?

Apache Ivy is a tool for managing (recording, tracking, resolving and reporting) project dependencies. It is characterized by the following:

  1. flexibility and configurability

    Apache Ivy is essentially process agnostic and is not tied to any methodology or structure. Instead it provides the necessary flexibility and configurability to be adapted to a broad range of dependency management and build processes.

  2. tight integration with Apache Ant

    While available as a standalone tool, Apache Ivy works particularly well with Apache Ant providing a number of powerful Ant tasks ranging from dependency resolution to dependency reporting and publication.

Latest Changes:

See the list of the changes since the last release in the file asciidoc/release-notes.adoc

Supported Platforms

Please see the the detailed documentation about Ivy compatibility here: asciidoc/compatibility.adoc


Please read asciidoc/install.adoc for installation instructions.


This software is licensed under the terms you may find in the file named "LICENSE" in this directory.

Crypto Notice

This distribution includes cryptographic software. The country in which you currently reside may have restrictions on the import, possession, use, and/or re-export to another country, of encryption software. BEFORE using any encryption software, please check your country’s laws, regulations and policies concerning the import, possession, or use, and re-export of encryption software, to see if this is permitted. See http://www.wassenaar.org/ for more information.

The U.S. Government Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), has classified this software as Export Commodity Control Number (ECCN) 5D002.C.1, which includes information security software using or performing cryptographic functions with asymmetric algorithms. The form and manner of this Apache Software Foundation distribution makes it eligible for export under the License Exception ENC Technology Software Unrestricted (TSU) exception (see the BIS Export Administration Regulations, Section 740.13) for both object code and source code.

The following provides more details on the included cryptographic software:

The Ivy ssh resolver requires the JSch library http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/index.html.
The sftp and https resolvers requires the Java Cryptography extensions http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/security/.
The PGP signature generator requires the BouncyCastle Java cryptography APIs https://www.bouncycastle.org/java.html.

How to Get Involved

The Apache Ivy project really needs and appreciates any contributions, including documentation help, source code and feedback. If you are interested in contributing, please visit https://ant.apache.org/ivy/get-involved.html.

How to Report Issues

The Apache Ivy project uses JIRA for issue tracking. Please report any issues you find at https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IVY