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lewismc committed Oct 16, 2014
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Apache Any23 1.1
Release Notes
15/10/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy)

[ANY23-205] - Remove xrefs from Any23 site and replave with Git(hub) links
[ANY23-220] - Run crawler plugin on Apache Any23 site
[ANY23-234] - No writer factory available for RDF format N-Quads (mimeTypes=text/x-nquads; ext=nq)


[ANY23-157] - Update Any23 site to accommodate move to Git.
[ANY23-197] - Extract embedded json-ld from html documents
[ANY23-204] - fix url encoding problem : PR#3
[ANY23-209] - Bug in site generation
[ANY23-221] - Enable JSON-LD as an input format for the WebService at
[ANY23-238] - Fix generation of BNode name for microdata when 'itemid' is given without a value.

New Feature

[ANY23-7] - Performance test suite
[ANY23-160] - [SECURITY] Frame injection vulnerability in published Javadoc


[ANY23-222] - Push 1.1-SNAPSHOT artifacts to the Any23 website

Apache Any23 1.0
Release Notes
09/05/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy)
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<!-- Maven Plugin Versions -->

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