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ANY23-333 Augment use of Any23PluginManager in How to Register a Plug…
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lewismc committed Mar 26, 2018
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@@ -25,7 +25,13 @@
* detected and registered from the library classpath.
* @author Michele Mostarda (
* @deprecated ExtractorFactory now supports META-INF/services discovery, deprecating this class.
* @deprecated ExtractorFactory now supports
* <a href="">
* META-INF/services</a> discovery via the {@link java.util.ServiceLoader},
* deprecating this class.
* Instead implement a subinterface of {@link org.apache.any23.extractor.Extractor} and
* ensure that your plugin is in compliance with the META-INF/services mechanism.
public interface ExtractorPlugin<T extends Extractor<?>> {
@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ Apache Any23 Plugins
This section describes the <Apache Any23> plugins support.

<Apache Any23> comes with a set of predefined plugins.
Such plugins are located under the <any23-root>/<<plugins>> dir.
Such plugins are located under the <$ANY23_HOME>/<<plugins>> dir.

A plugin is a standard <Maven3> module containing any implementation of

* {{{./apidocs/org/apache/any23/plugin/ExtractorPlugin.html}ExtractorPlugin}}
* {{{./apidocs/index.html?org/apache/any23/extractor/Extractor.html}Extractor}}

* {{{./apidocs/org/apache/any23/cli/Tool.html}Tool}}

@@ -52,13 +52,36 @@ export CLASSPATH_PREFIX=../../../plugins/basic-crawler/target/any23-basic-crawle
A plugin can be added to the <Apache Any23 library API> by first creating a static instance of
Once this is done there is a variety of options to configure and register a plugins, etc. An example
of dynamic plugin loading can be seen via the OpenIE toggle in the Any23 Service.
of dynamic plugin loading can be seen via the way that the OpenIE toggling is implemented within the
Any23 Webservice e.g.

if (openie) {
Any23PluginManager pManager = Any23PluginManager.getInstance();
//Dynamically adding Jar's to the Classpath via the following logic
//is absolutely dependant on the 'apache-any23-openie' directory being
//present within the webapp /lib directory. This is specified within
//the maven-dependency-plugin.
File webappClasspath = new File(getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("").getPath());
File openIEJarPath = new File(webappClasspath.getParentFile().getPath() + "/lib/apache-any23-openie");
boolean loadedJars = pManager.loadJARDir(openIEJarPath);
if (loadedJars) {
ExtractorRegistry r = ExtractorRegistryImpl.getInstance();
try {
} catch (IOException e) {
LOG.error("Error during dynamic classloading of JARs from OpenIE runtime directory {}", openIEJarPath.toString(), e);
}"Successful dynamic classloading of JARs from OpenIE runtime directory {}", openIEJarPath.toString());

Any implementation of <ExtractorPlugin> will automatically registered to the

Any detected implementation of <Tool> will be listed by the <ToolRunner>
command-line tool in <any23-root/><<bin/any23>> .
command-line tool in <any23-root/><<cli/bin/any23>> .

* How to Build a Plugin

@@ -73,30 +96,36 @@ export CLASSPATH_PREFIX=../../../plugins/basic-crawler/target/any23-basic-crawle

An <Extractor Plugin> is a class:

* implementing the {{{./apidocs/org/apache/any23/plugin/ExtractorPlugin.html}ExtractorPlugin}} interface;
* implementing one of the {{{./apidocs/index.html?org/apache/any23/extractor/Extractor.html}Extractor}} subinterfaces;

* packaged under <<org.apache.any23.plugin>> .

An example of plugin is defined below.

@Author(name="Michele Mostarda (")
public class HTMLScraperPlugin implements ExtractorPlugin {
public class HTMLScraperExtractor implements Extractor.ContentExtractor {

private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(HTMLScraperPlugin.class);

public void init() {"Plugin initialization.");
public void run(
ExtractionParameters extractionParameters,
ExtractionContext extractionContext,
InputStream inputStream,
ExtractionResult extractionResult
) throws IOException, ExtractionException {

public void shutdown() {"Plugin shutdown.");
public ExtractorDescription getDescription() {
return HTMLScraperExtractorFactory.getDescriptionInstance();

public ExtractorFactory getExtractorFactory() {
return HTMLScraperExtractor.factory;
public void setStopAtFirstError(boolean b) {
// Ignored.

@@ -110,7 +139,7 @@ public class HTMLScraperPlugin implements ExtractorPlugin {

* CLI parameters are extracted by annotating the class members with {{{}JCommander}} annotations.

* have to be found using the {{{}ServiceLoader}}
* have to be found using the {{{}ServiceLoader}}
(we usually plug the Kohsuke's {{{}generator}})

An example of plugin is defined below.
@@ -147,6 +176,14 @@ public class MyExecutableTool implements Tool {

These plugins are documented {{{./plugin-office-scraper.html}here}}.

* OpenIE Extractor Plugin

As of 2.1 Any23 provides functionality to extract triples using the
{{{}Open Information Extraction (Open IE) system}}.
The Open IE system runs over input sentences and creates extractions that represent relations
in text, in the case of Any23, this results in triples. Se the above example on how to register a
plugin to see how the OpenIE Extractor plugin is currently used within the Any23 Service.

* Available CLI Tool Plugins

* Crawler CLI Tool

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