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[![Jenkins tests](](
[![Jenkins tests](](
[![Maven Central](](|ga|1|g%3A%22org.apache.any23%22)

Apache Anything To Triples (Any23) is a library and web service that extracts
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# Build Any23 from Source Code

The canonical Any23 source code lives at the [Apache Software Foundation Git repository](
The canonical Any23 source code lives at

Be sure to have the [Apache Maven v.3.x+]( installed and included in $PATH.

## Clone the source:
git clone
git clone
## Navigate and build:
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Apache Any23 2.4
Release Notes
20/09/2020 (dd/mm/yyy)


[ANY23-146] - CEN Metalex Vocabulary
[ANY23-149] - Expand SCHEMAORG Vocab
[ANY23-150] - Implement all Vocabularies
[ANY23-269] - Support
[ANY23-270] - Support


[ANY23-427] - down causes tests to fail
[ANY23-428] - RDFa parse issue if vocab not defined with trailing slash
[ANY23-430] - Microdata and HTML's attribute case
[ANY23-441] - TikaEncodingDetector: guessEncoding may throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
[ANY23-446] - Fix bugs in Jsoup
[ANY23-449] - Fix the online microdata test failure
[ANY23-453] - Upgrade jsonld-java to 0.13.1

New Feature

[ANY23-5] - Add support for archive input.
[ANY23-6] - Integrate MetaX support


[ANY23-51] - Full support for rel-tag's
[ANY23-178] - Add fully annotated Javadoc to o.a.any23.source.*
[ANY23-183] - Address javac warning's in Any23 code base
[ANY23-202] - Add analytics on landing page
[ANY23-254] - Demo frontend should provide interactive CLI usage examples
[ANY23-281] - Build Policeman's Forbidden API Checker into Maven config
[ANY23-426] - Address Javadoc WARNING's
[ANY23-439] - Replace commons-lang with commons-lang3
[ANY23-440] - any23 configuration documentation has a wrong property name
[ANY23-442] - Move HTML preprocessing logic from BaseRDFExtractor to semargl Extractors
[ANY23-443] - Improve efficiency of RDFa Extractor
[ANY23-444] - Update all dependencies and plugins
[ANY23-450] - Update Maven deps and plugin versions


[ANY23-225] - Fix Javadoc WARNING's in Any23 codebase


[ANY23-72] - Evaluate the introduction of Aether as to improve the Any23 plugin management system
[ANY23-429] - Website Build Fails due to Javadoc issues
[ANY23-431] - Upgrade jsoup to v1.12.1
[ANY23-432] - Upgrade owlapi to v5.1.11
[ANY23-433] - Upgrade rdf4j to v3.0.0
[ANY23-434] - Upgrade tika to v1.22
[ANY23-435] - Upgrade httpclient to v4.5.10
[ANY23-436] - Upgrade commons-csv to v1.7
[ANY23-437] - Upgrade snakeyaml to v1.25
[ANY23-438] - Upgrade slf4j-api to v1.7.28
[ANY23-448] - Move service and plugins out of core

Apache Any23 2.3
Release Notes
10/02/2019 (dd/mm/yyy)

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