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lewismc committed Feb 11, 2019
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Apache Any23
Copyright 2011-2018 The Apache Software Foundation
Copyright 2011-2019 The Apache Software Foundation
Copyright 2008-2011 Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)

This product includes software developed by
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Apache Any23 2.3
Release Notes
10/02/2019 (dd/mm/yyy)


[ANY23-184] - Update Javadoc in o.a.a.extractor.microdata.*
[ANY23-356] - Update dependencies
[ANY23-357] - Resolve mockito deprecation warnings
[ANY23-358] - Resolve junit.framework deprecation warnings & RDFa11Parser deprecation warnings
[ANY23-359] - Resolve deprecation warning
[ANY23-360] - Resolve Xerces deprecation warnings
[ANY23-361] - Resolve Tika deprecation warning
[ANY23-362] - Resolve rdf4j deprecation warnings
[ANY23-363] - Update httpclient/httpcore to version 4.5.6/4.4.10
[ANY23-364] - Resolve POI deprecation warnings
[ANY23-365] - Resolve additional warnings
[ANY23-366] - Resolve additional warnings in build
[ANY23-369] - Resolve overlapping classes
[ANY23-388] - It should be possible to configure the NTriplesWriter to use unicode points
[ANY23-404] - Make MicrodataExtractor compliant with default registry
[ANY23-405] - Parse microdata property values correctly
[ANY23-407] - Allow microdata itemids to be created from relative URLs
[ANY23-408] - Use document IRI as default namespace in microdata strict mode
[ANY23-409] - Allow multiple microdata itemtype values
[ANY23-410] - Fix microdata itemrefs


[ANY23-13] - Verify why the maven-changelog-plugin doesn't work properly
[ANY23-16] - Property URI generation for Microdata/
[ANY23-17] - problem detecting media type for turtle content with comment at the top
[ANY23-55] - any23 is not following the redirection
[ANY23-67] - Microdata extraction using obsolete RDF conversion scheme
[ANY23-154] - Not able to extract microdata in few test cases
[ANY23-167] - Microdata itemscope properties incorrectly attached
[ANY23-169] - Incorrect interpretation of relative and absolute paths with Microdata
[ANY23-188] - NPE when ICBMExtractor#getDescription()#getExtractorLabel() called
[ANY23-237] - Fix RDFa test 0087: stylesheet reserved word is stripped out
[ANY23-245] - Infinite loop on some malformed markup
[ANY23-322] - Any23 embedded service is broken
[ANY23-329] - master branch broken with pom.xml any23 version
[ANY23-331] - Tool service implementations declared in wrong module?
[ANY23-334] - SingleDocumentExtraction.createExtractionContext() uses UUID as defaultLanguage
[ANY23-336] - Parsing json-ld content takes prohibitively long time
[ANY23-337] - BenchmarkTripleHandler does not report accurate extraction interval times
[ANY23-338] - Json-ld comment parsing fails in rare cases
[ANY23-339] - Microdata extractor can sometime merge two different itemscopes into one
[ANY23-340] - Any23 extraction does not pass Nutch plugin test
[ANY23-344] - MicrodataExtractor not resolving urls correctly
[ANY23-345] - MicrodataExtractorTest has a duplicated test
[ANY23-346] - rdf4j versions 2.3.0, 2.3.1 contain a regression: we need to switch back to version 2.2.4
[ANY23-347] - RDFParseException: the prefix "pw" is not bound
[ANY23-348] - IllegalArgumentException in MicrodataExtractor
[ANY23-349] - MicrodataExtractor errors for links that are telephone numbers
[ANY23-350] - RDFParseException: "icon" must be followed by ' = ' character
[ANY23-351] - NullPointerException in HCardExtractor
[ANY23-353] - RDFParseException: datatype rdf:langString requires a language tag
[ANY23-367] - latest.stable.released property is never used and out of date
[ANY23-368] - Jenkins builds are failing after running out of disk space
[ANY23-372] - LGPL-licensed transitive dependency
[ANY23-373] - Web page /install.html: software version variable was not decoded.
[ANY23-376] - IllegalArgumentException: invalid property name ''
[ANY23-377] - Microdata extractor replaces empty strings with "Null"
[ANY23-378] - JsonParseException caused by trailing commas in JSON-LD
[ANY23-379] - RDFa SAXParseException: invalid XML character
[ANY23-380] - RDFa SAXParseException: attribute was already specified
[ANY23-381] - JsonParseException: Illegal unquoted character
[ANY23-382] - Distinguish between fatal and recoverable json-ld parsing errors
[ANY23-383] - JsonParseException: Unexpected character 0x2028
[ANY23-386] - Item's properties are in the wrong item since the 2.2
[ANY23-387] - Possible OutOfMemoryError with bad deeply nested HTML
[ANY23-389] - RDFa extraction breaks when base element uses relative href
[ANY23-391] - ICAL vocab uses class "vcalendar" instead of "Vcalendar"
[ANY23-392] - Lunching maven-jetty-plugin: Problem accessing /apache-any23-service/resources/form.html
[ANY23-395] - 500 Internal Server Error
[ANY23-406] - Cannot suppress Tika warnings
[ANY23-411] - Use Content-Type to help determine encoding
[ANY23-415] - NTriplesExtractor tries all text/plain files, causing numerous fatal issues
[ANY23-416] - NTriplesExtractor does not recognize "application/n-triples" mimetype
[ANY23-420] - Handle Json+ld extraction failure
[ANY23-425] - iCal, jCal, xCal extractors aren't listed in META-INF/services

New Feature

[ANY23-81] - Interactive web service


[ANY23-38] - Use a single logging tool: slf4j
[ANY23-190] - homepage busted on IE11
[ANY23-212] - Improve naming convention for service output files
[ANY23-215] - Forward slashes in URL's should not be escaped in RDF output
[ANY23-231] - Make JSON Reporting output pretty print
[ANY23-240] - Option to process html tags as spaces in Microdata
[ANY23-323] - Update Eclipse RDF4J version to 2.3
[ANY23-332] - Plugin-specific properties shouldn't be declared in
[ANY23-341] - Remove dependency on defunct commons-httpclient 3.1
[ANY23-343] - Upgrade to jsonld-java v 0.12.0
[ANY23-352] - Update to rdf4j version 2.3.2
[ANY23-354] - Clean up dependencies
[ANY23-355] - Deprecate RDFa11Parser since Rio implementations are used instead
[ANY23-374] - Invalid nested item takes out everything
[ANY23-385] - Improve charset detection for (x)html documents
[ANY23-390] - Implement ICal, JCal, XCal extractors
[ANY23-393] - Any23 master to build under JDK 10.X
[ANY23-394] - JSON-LD Extractions Flag Errors in Google's Structured Data Tooling
[ANY23-396] - Overhaul WriterFactory API
[ANY23-399] - Upgrade Apache parent POM to version 21
[ANY23-401] - Upgrade to Tika 1.19.1
[ANY23-402] - Deprecate JSONWriter, JSONWriterFactory
[ANY23-403] - Upgrade to RDF4J 2.4.0
[ANY23-414] - Support reverse itemprops in microdata
[ANY23-418] - Take another look at encoding detection
[ANY23-419] - Add J2EE depednencies such that service runs under JDK11
[ANY23-424] - Update dependencies


[ANY23-422] - Error message when any23 cli tool used


[ANY23-333] - Augment use of Any23PluginManager in How to Register a Plugin documentation
[ANY23-423] - Update POM for the move to gitbox.

Apache Any23 2.2
Release Notes
25/01/2018 (dd/mm/yyy)

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