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sub usage {
my $script = shift;
print <<"END";
Usage: perl $script [--with-apache2=C:\Path\to\Apache2]
perl $script --help
--with-apache2=C:\Path\to\Apache2 : specify the top-level Apache2 directory
--help : print this help message
With no options specified, an attempt will be made to find a suitable
Apache2 directory.
require File::Spec;
sub check {
my $apache = shift;
die qq{No libhttpd library found under $apache/lib}
unless -e qq{$apache/lib/libhttpd.lib};
die qq{No httpd header found under $apache/include}
unless -e qq{$apache/include/httpd.h};
for my $b(qw(Apache.exe httpd.exe)) {
my $binary = File::Spec->catfile($apache, 'bin', $b);
next unless -x $binary;
my $vers = qx{$binary -v};
die qq{"$apache" does not appear to be version 2.x}
unless $vers =~ m!Apache/2.!;
return 1;
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