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This directory contains the necessary makefiles to build
libapreq and related things on Win32 using VC++ 6. Run,
from the httpd-apreq-2 top-level directory,
   perl Makefile.PL
to generate the top-level Makefile. Available options are:

  --with-apache2=C:\Path\to\Apache2 : specify the top-level Apache2 directory
  --debug                           : build a debug version
  --without-perl                    : skip initialization of perl glue
  --help                            : print a help message

With no options specified, an attempt will be made to find a suitable 
Apache2 directory, and if found, a non-debug version will be built.

Assuming the configuration is successful, a Makefile will
be generated. This can be used as:

  nmake               - builds the libapreq2 library and perl glue
  nmake test          - runs the supplied tests
  nmake install       - install the C libraries and perl modules
  nmake clean         - clean
  nmake docs          - build documentation
  nmake help          - print a usage message

The 'docs' target is only available if a doxygen binary is detected.

An experimental apxs tool for Win32 is available at
which will be needed to build the env/c-modules tests. If the
apxs bat file isn't found on your system, the configuration
script should offer to fetch and install it for you. If this
is not done, grab the above archive, unpack it, and run the script within the archive to install.
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