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Raymond Augé
Raymond Augé ARIES-1814 Solve the start order limitations with SPI Fly by then eli…
…minating unused dependency on Log Service

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application Fix javadoc generation for jdk8 builds Jun 1, 2017
async [async] Update Promises to implement the provisional 1.1 API Oct 17, 2016
blueprint [ARIES-1809] Extract versions and bump java to 1.7 Jul 11, 2018
cdi [cdi] removed methods from spec API Jul 11, 2018
component-dsl [ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.2.0prepare for next dev… Jun 22, 2018
eba-maven-plugin Update to new parent May 31, 2017
ejb Skip EJBModeller tests as they fail uncontrollably Sep 20, 2015
esa-ant-task Build using the default Java 6 Apr 1, 2015
esa-maven-plugin [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Mar 6, 2017
jmx [ARIES-1549] Fix build Feb 4, 2018
jndi [jndi] Make all calls to AccessController conditioned by the existenc… Feb 21, 2018
jpa Migrated jpa to git May 9, 2017
parent [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Jul 14, 2018
proxy Update itests to proy-impl 1.1.3-SNAPSHOT Jun 7, 2018
pushstream [pushstream] Initial contribution of Push Streams Oct 21, 2016
quiesce Upgrade all modules to the released parent Jul 9, 2014
samples Fix compile error in ariestrader sample May 31, 2017
sandbox/samples [ARIES-458] Replace ${version} with ${project.version} May 3, 2016
spi-fly ARIES-1814 Solve the start order limitations with SPI Fly by then eli… Jul 19, 2018
subsystem [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Aug 2, 2017
testsupport Upgrade all modules to the released parent Jul 9, 2014
transaction [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration Jun 4, 2018
tutorials [ARIES-458] Replace ${version} with ${project.version} May 3, 2016
tx-control [tx-control] Move Transaction Control to Git and remove from SVN Jan 10, 2018
util Fix errors reported by Dominik Jun 2, 2017
versioning Use snapshot version Jul 15, 2015
web ARIES-1198 Switch from blueprint to activator Nov 4, 2014
.gitignore ARIES-1207 Upgrade jpa tests to pax exam 3 and refactorings Jun 12, 2014
LICENSE ARIES-173 cleanup application, add legal files Mar 1, 2010
NOTICE Dummy commit. This closes #16 Jan 12, 2016
README.md [MAINTENANCE] Remove empty, old tx-control modules Jul 11, 2018
pom.xml [MAINTENANCE] Remove empty, old cdi dirs Jul 11, 2018


Apache Aries

The Aries project consists of a set of pluggable Java components enabling an enterprise OSGi application programming model.

See Apache Aries Website.

Source Code

Most of the code is still at the Aries svn repo. There is also a github mirror.

Some of the subproject are already migrated to git:

Subproject Apache Git Github Mirror
Aries Containers apache github
Aries JAX-RS whiteboard apache github
Aries JPA apache github
Aries RSA apache github
Aries Transaction Control apache github


Most projects can be built using

mvn clean install

As the Aries svn hosts a lot of different subprojects it makes sense to only build the specific subproject.