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clean up README slightly, remove gitlab specific file
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djencks committed Aug 17, 2020
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
= {extension}-ui ui bundle extension
:extension: aries-antora-ui
:extension: aries-antora
:extension-version: 0.0.1

WARNING: This repository contains files derived from the Antora Default UI, which is MPL2.0 licensed.
@@ -27,18 +27,30 @@ This will pack the UI bundle, including both sources and the build bundle, into
Modify the `package.json` file in `aries-antora` so the `"@apache-aries/aries-antora-ui"` devDependency points to this file.
For instance, on my system, this looks like this:

"@apache-aries/aries-antora-ui": "file:///Users/david/projects/aries/aries-antora-ui/apache-aries-aries-antora-ui-v0.0.1.tgz"
"@apache-aries/{extension}-ui": "file:///Users/david/projects/aries/aries-antora-ui/apache-aries-aries-antora-ui-v0.0.1.tgz"

Running `npm run clean-build` will now build the site with the locally modified UI bundle.

== Converting this project to avoid usin `@djencks/antora-ui-builder`

TODO: expand this

For convenience, this project is initially set up to use `@djencks/antora-ui-builder` to extend the Antora default UI.
If this is determined to be undesirable, it should be easy to turn this into a modified clone of the Antora default UI:

* rename master to something else, such as `builder`.
* Set the Antora Default UI as a remote.
* Pull master from the Antora Default UI.
* Copy the files from the builder branch, src, over the src directory on master.

== Generic Usage

To build a ui bundle based on the antora-ui-default sources with the additions from this extension, run `gulp`.

To combine the UI elements from this extension with other elements, using `@djencks/antora-ui-builder`, include in your antora-ui.yml a clause such as:

- path: antora-ui-default #replace or extend as needed

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