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Zookeeper Discovery

Manages endpoint descriptions as zookeeper nodes.

  • Local endpoints are published to zookeeper
  • Interests for services in the form of EndpointListener scopes are looked up in zookeper and the listeners are informed about any changes on the matching endpoints

Discovery Configuration

PID: org.apache.aries.rsa.discovery.zookeeper

Key Default Description
zookeeper.host localhost Hostname or ipadress of the zookeeper server
zookeeper.port 2181 Client port of the zookeeper server
zookeeper.timeout 3000 Session timeout in ms

At least an empty config must be present to start the zookeeper discovery. The karaf feature will install such a config by default.

Zookeeper Server Configuration

PID: org.apache.aries.rsa.discovery.zookeeper.server

Key Default Description
clientPort 2181 Port to listen on for client connections
tickTime 2000
initLimit 10
syncLimit 5
dataDir zkdata

At least an empty config must be created manually to start the zookeeper server.