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ARROW-13749: [Doc][Cookbook] Work with functions from other packages …
…via dplyr bindings - R (#95)

* Add content on using functions from other packages

* Add links to packages
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@@ -146,6 +146,13 @@ If you find any base R or tidyverse functions which you would like to see a
mapping of in arrow, please
[open an issue on the project JIRA](

The following packages (amongst some from others) have had many function
bindings/mappings written in arrow:

* [lubridate](
* [stringr](
* [dplyr](

If you try to call a function which does not have arrow mapping, the data will
be pulled back into R, and you will see a warning message.

@@ -171,6 +178,39 @@ test_that("dplyr_func_warning", {

It should be noted that to work with functions which do have mappings, you must
refer to them by
their function names. If you use the `package::function()` syntax, this will
result in a warning about the data being pulled back into R before the output is

```{r, dplyr_str_to_lower_r, warning=TRUE}
Table$create(starwars) %>%
select(name) %>%
mutate(name_lower = stringr::str_to_lower(name)) %>%
head() %>%

```{r, test_dplyr_str_to_lower_r, opts.label = "test"}
test_that("dplyr_str_to_lower_r", {
Table$create(starwars) %>%
select(name) %>%
mutate(name_lower = stringr::str_to_lower(name)) %>%
head() %>%
"Expression stringr::str_to_lower(name) not supported in Arrow; pulling data into R",
fixed = TRUE

## Use arrow functions in dplyr verbs in arrow

You want to use a function which is implemented in Arrow's C++ library but either:

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