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allow ntasks to be 0 and determine whetheher to use threads based on …
…nthreads rather than ntasks (#325)

Co-authored-by: Ben Baumgold <>
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baumgold and Ben Baumgold committed Jun 10, 2022
1 parent aeda3f4 commit 532b89b2c5740124cadca632a14ebb6cc9a0dca5
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 5 deletions.
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Supported keyword arguments to `Arrow.write` include:
* `largelists::Bool=false`: causes list column types to be written with Int64 offset arrays; mainly for testing purposes; by default, Int64 offsets will be used only if needed
* `maxdepth::Int=$DEFAULT_MAX_DEPTH`: deepest allowed nested serialization level; this is provided by default to prevent accidental infinite recursion with mutually recursive data structures
* `metadata=Arrow.getmetadata(tbl)`: the metadata that should be written as the table's schema's `custom_metadata` field; must either be `nothing` or an iterable of `<:AbstractString` pairs.
* `ntasks::Int`: number of concurrent threaded tasks to allow while writing input partitions out as arrow record batches; default is no limit; to disable multithreaded writing, pass `ntasks=1`
* `ntasks::Int`: number of buffered threaded tasks to allow while writing input partitions out as arrow record batches; default is no limit; for unbuffered writing, pass `ntasks=0`
* `file::Bool=false`: if a an `io` argument is being written to, passing `file=true` will cause the arrow file format to be written instead of just IPC streaming
function write end
@@ -135,16 +135,13 @@ mutable struct Writer{T<:IO}

function{Writer}, io::T, compress::Union{Nothing,LZ4FrameCompressor,<:AbstractVector{LZ4FrameCompressor},ZstdCompressor,<:AbstractVector{ZstdCompressor}}, writetofile::Bool, largelists::Bool, denseunions::Bool, dictencode::Bool, dictencodenested::Bool, alignment::Integer, maxdepth::Integer, ntasks::Integer, meta::Union{Nothing,Any}, colmeta::Union{Nothing,Any}, closeio::Bool) where {T<:IO}
if ntasks < 1
throw(ArgumentError("ntasks keyword argument must be > 0; pass `ntasks=1` to disable multithreaded writing"))
msgs = OrderedChannel{Message}(ntasks)
schema = Ref{Tables.Schema}()
firstcols = Ref{Any}()
dictencodings = Dict{Int64,Any}() # Lockable{DictEncoding}
blocks = (Block[], Block[])
# start message writing from channel
threaded = ntasks > 1
threaded = Threads.nthreads() > 1
task = threaded ? (Threads.@spawn for msg in msgs
Base.write(io, msg, blocks, schema, alignment)
end) : (@async for msg in msgs

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