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Remove obsolted section in the README (#322)
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CarloLucibello committed May 9, 2022
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@@ -55,13 +55,6 @@ changes to ArrowTypes.jl are immediately available to Arrow.jl without requiring
julia --project -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.develop(path="src/ArrowTypes")'

## Difference between this code and the apache/arrow/julia/Arrow repository

The code in the apache/arrow repository is officially part of the apache/arrow project and as such follows the regulated release cadence of the entire project, following standard community
voting protocols. The JuliaData/Arrow.jl repository can be viewed as a sort of "dev" or "latest" branch of this code that may release more frequently, but without following
official apache release guidelines. The two repositories are synced, however, so any bugfix patches in JuliaData will be upstreamed to apache/arrow for each release.

## Format Support

This implementation supports the 1.0 version of the specification, including support for:

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