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parshimers committed Sep 15, 2017
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@@ -209,6 +209,8 @@ <h4 id="intellij-idea-ide-setup">IntelliJ IDEA IDE Setup</h4>
<li>Download files <a href="">AsterixCodeFormatProfile.xml</a>
<a href="">AsterixCleanupFormatProfile.xml</a></li>
<li>Import profiles into IntelliJ</li>
<li><code>File -&gt; Settings -&gt; Editor -&gt; Code Style -&gt; Java</code></li>
<li>Then, click the <code>Manage...</code> button</li>
<li>Click <code>Import</code> and import the <code>AsterixCodeFormatProfile.xml</code> as an Eclipse XML profile.</li>

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