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AVRO-1497: Add LogicalType implementation.

This closes PR #29 and includes the following commits:

ca1d2b1 AVRO-1497: Add LogicalTypes and read-side implementation.
442a917 AVRO-1497: Add logical type support to schema reflection.
ec8d6d4 AVRO-1497: Add logical type writes to generic and reflect.
e6e9761 AVRO-1497: Clean up Conversion and LogicalType classes.
8fe954a AVRO-1497: Add Conversion and LogicalType javadoc.
3abf042 AVRO-1497: Fix ByteBuffer bug in DecimalConversion.
2293a18 AVRO-1497: Fix review items.
207afd3 AVRO-1497: Add logical type registration and record test.
d2377b2 AVRO-1497: Maven CLI and checkstyle fixes.
1e628b2 AVRO-1497: Fix test failures.
15ed857 AVRO-1497: Fix performance issues with logical types.
fb84364 AVRO-1497: Check logical type once per array.
7de6edc AVRO-1497: Remove unnecessary changes to Schema.

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latest commit eb31746cd5
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