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[BAHIR-48] Documentation for project README.
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ The Initial Bahir source code (see issue [BAHIR-1](
extracted from [Apache Spark revision 8301fad](
(before the [deletion of the streaming connectors akka, mqtt, twitter, zeromq](

## Source Code Structure
## Source code structure

Source code folder structure:
@@ -31,23 +31,34 @@ To build Bahir and its example programs, run:

mvn -DskipTests clean install

## Running Tests
## Running tests

Testing first requires [building Bahir](#building-bahir). Once Bahir is built, tests
can be run using:

mvn test

## Example Programs
## Example programs

Each extension currently available in Apache Bahir has an example application located under the "examples" folder.

## Online Documentation
## Documentation

Coming Soon.
Currently, each submodule has its own, with information on example usages and API.

* [SQL Streaming MQTT](
* [Streaming Akka](
* [Streaming Mqtt](
* [Streaming Zeromq](
* [Streaming Twitter](

## A Note About Apache Spark Integration
Furthermore, to generate scaladocs for each module:

Coming soon.
`$ mvn package`

Scaladocs is generated in, `MODULE_NAME/target/site/scaladocs/index.html`. __ Where `MODULE_NAME` is one of, `sql-streaming-mqtt`, `streaming-akka`, `streaming-mqtt`, `streaming-zeromq`, `streaming-twitter`. __

## A note about Apache Spark integration

Currently, each module in Bahir is available through spark packages. Please follow linking sub section in module specific [](#documentation) for more details.

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