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Update (#17)
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Co-authored-by: Kyle Weaver <>
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brucearctor and ibzib committed May 26, 2020
1 parent e233575 commit e7453b5ed6037a6d19c1b013dc579e4de38231cf
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@@ -32,9 +32,11 @@ There are 2 major parts in this repository.
* [travis]( configuration files, setups environment variables and deployment strategy.

* `.travis.yml` contains a set of [environment variables]( and steps of build process.
* `` defines that final python wheels will be deployed to [](
using svn with your apache credential.
* `` defines custom build steps.

Additionally, for the release process to be complete:
* Also use []( from the main beam repo in order to deploy the final python wheels to []( using svn with your apache credential.

## User Guide

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